Invisible Circus

Invisible Circus



The Circus is a place where clowns entertain you, and beverages are overpriced. The Invisible Circus is essentially the same, except you can’t see the clowns. It all started with a chance meeting at The Echo Project, where Bob (sax) and Cole (bass) met in a strawberry patch. After a year of synchronous pinball meetings, Bob finally brought his saxophone to Cole’s house, where magic began to flow from vibrating strings and reeds. The day of the first gig arrived along with the first complication: the drummer was MIA three hours prior to the gig. The band telegraphed Jake (drums) to fill in, and dot dot dash, the deal was sealed. From there, the band began to develop what is now their signature blend of funk, jazz, and a bit of world by entering Yerba Maté-induced auditory trances that lead to excessive dancing, and sometimes outer space. Although you may not be able to see this circus, it’s an act you won’t want to miss!


LP- Tonight Only: Swamp Cat and the Jams!
1. Train Hoppin' Cat (with a watch)
2. Sohbet
3. Liquid Shuffle
4. Spaniard Does the Dub
5. Swamp Cat on the Prowl
6. Poppin' on Cherry Lane
7. Thoughts On a Rainy Day
8. Apple Jam
9. Flaggerty's Comet
10. (Interlude)
11. Metallicat Finds His Watch

Set List

Typical set time: 45 minutes to an hour and a half.