Invisible Days

Invisible Days

 Brooklyn, New York, USA

Fuzz dripping reverb


Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, Invisible Days are ethereal, somewhat enigmatic 90's influenced rock reminiscent of bands like Ride or Stone Roses. Encompassing modern styles of fuzzy, pretty, guitar driven dual vocal music perhaps akin to Deerhunter or Kurt Vile-the band is comprised of two songwriters- Alex Koch (bass) and Sean Finnigan (guitar) who share the vocal duties as well, while Michael Petrucelly provides the consistent often monster-sized drum sounds. The sound is an alluring, pop driven, sonic mess.


"This is one of the few bands we've heard in recent times that's creating quality shoegazey music that doesn't sound formulaic.The single we are streaming below has cool sounds, a beautiful melody sung by a voice possessing a graceful and dreamy empathy that might have therapeutic and stress relieving powers - that's what anybody into dream pop like us wants to hear. By the way, hopefully this little blurb is positive enough to get the band to quote us on their online press section!" -

"No too much info on Brooklyn’s Invisible Days, except to say that if Solitary Time is indicative of the quality of material they intend to release hereafter, they should do quite well for themselves. A self-proclaimed “psych/shoegaze-ish trio,” I was immediately and pleasantry surprised by the restraint shown by the band in their first single. Not content to simply make noise for noise sake, the band seems to have whipped the most serene elements of My Bloody Valentine, Smashing Pumpkins and early Pink Floyd into a dreamy, but still crunchy froth. The final effect comes across not unlike A Place To Bury Strangers on Percocet. Highly recommended post-op listening, which you can get in exchange for your email address, or as a 7-inch later this month."

"We are vibing on these guys something awful right now and it feels great... One imagines their live show will be very loud." -

"...fantastic... I strongly recommend that you check them out ASAP" -

"...'Daysleeping' is a must" -

"...both challenging and relaxing in the same instant." -

"...the songwriting is solid as a rock." -

"... this is only the beginning, they have crazy amounts of
potential." -

"... I'm a sucker for this kind of sound." -



Polaurora EP (2010)
7" (Daysleeping/Amber) (2010)
7" (Solitary Time/Stewards) - Toilet Records (2011)
7" Fortress/Needles (tba 2013)

Set List

40-45 minutes.