the invisible path

the invisible path

 Los Angeles, California, USA

space quartet?


the invisible path practices music in a core where there is no defined nucleus, meaning the individuals who have been documented by recording will not always appear in the future. Instead, the invisible path is all around, where our feet and our minds take us, the essences everyone has when engaging with sound.

the sound that is created by the four individuals in the invisible path, when together, takes flight through the cosmos as an octopus glides within the ocean.


"We Walk the Invisible Path So That We May One Day Rest Upon the Celestial Plateau".
self released cd-r 10/2010.

self released cd-r 10/2010.

"The Lonesome Journey Back To Nature".
self released cd-r. 11/2010

self released cd-r 12/2010

"third eye"
Brunch Groupe tapes. 04/2011