invisible people

invisible people


An aggressive Funk/Blues Jam band from the sticks of Central Mass. With their mix of Blues guitar, busy style of funk rock bass, groovin beats, and sexy soulful vocals, Will leave you speachless and wanting more.


We decided on "Invisible People" because when we started playing open mic's and being a warm up act we never had a name. Every show we had a different name and after we played no one knew who we were. We considered ourselves to be invisible people and it stuck. We are a fun loving, kind of crazy bunch of musicians looking to make great music. We have all basicly grown up together and have been playing music our whole lives. Our influences range from classic bands such as The Beatles, and the Allman Brother Band, and to more unique bands like Primus, The Talking Heads and Phish.


Currently working on our debut demo CD and uploading songs to the internet

Set List

Our trypical set lists vary each show. We have 12 original songs with new ones being written all the time. We are an ecclectic band and our cover range from Phish, Joss Stone, Ween to the Beatles and Talking Heads. Generally our sets are about 8-10 songsand last etween 45-60 minutes. We try to play two full sets when availible. Below is a past set list.
1.)Sun Dawg
2.)Hidden Mouse
3.)The Chase
4.)Dutchess and the proverbial mindspread
5.)Fell in Love with a Boy
6.)Dougs Song
7.)Roses Are Free
8.)The Last Oasis
9.)Slow Down
10.)Found A Job