Invisible Vegas

Invisible Vegas


A girl once described our music as 'visceral, authentic and teaming with sexual energy'!...however, someone else said this: 'admittedly solid but wholly pedestrian thump and trudge. This is bluesy pub rock by numbers, numbers that haven’t apparently changed for generations'. Judge for yourselves!!


We're an Indie/Rock Band from Oxfordshire. We have been together since late 2006, playing gigs at numerous venues in and around Oxford. After a break earlier this year having recorded our first Studio Demo at Dungeon Studios, and regrouping after a change of lead guitarist, we have been busy rehearsing and are now back on track with both reworked and fresh new material, looking to book gigs and promote ourselves as much as possible. Our music brings traditional and comtepory influences together to create a dramatic and energetic sound.


To date we have not officially released any material.

Set List

Our typical set consists of around 8 songs and last about 40 minutes. The song titles in our current set are as follows:

Scantily Clad
Santa Monica
Pussy Cat
Regular Slut
Same Old Streets
Here We Go!
The Night