Inviting The Crash

Inviting The Crash


Melody, hooks, energy, and passion. This is Inviting the Crash. With equal parts intricate guitar, bass, and drum patterns woven through tasetfully-crafted vocal & song arrangements. Inviting the Crash manage to combine strong, creative musicianship with catchy, listenable songs.


Debut album Twelve Days in Repair released on 2/7/06
Adrenaline Records (distributed through Alternative Distribution Alliance
Produced by Scott Humphrey (Rob Zombie, Tommy Lee, Motley Crue)

November 2004-The guys from Inviting the Crash hopped on a plane from Detroit to LA to play a small acoustic show at Genghis Cohen in Hollywood. Little did they know that one show would be a defining moment for them....

July 2005-After hearing a 3-song demo that ITC handed out the Genghis Cohen show, super-producer Scott Humphrey (Rob Zombie, Tommy Lee, Motley Crue) signed on to produce Inviting the Crash's debut ep. So for two weeks in July, the guys holed up in Humphrey's Hollywood Hills studio, the Chop Shop, and set out to create Twelve Days in Repair.

The chance meeting between Inviting the Crash and Scott Humphrey is not far removed from the band's approach to writing songs and living life. Born out of their love and passion for music, ITC strives to bring real artistry and musicianship back to the forefront of an industry burdened with manufactured "artists." Whether it's the spastic rock assault of "Save the Best for Last," or the moody, jazz/blues-tinged vibe of "Too Many Times," Inviting the Crash is meant to challenge its listeners. True artistry is all about seizing moments in time and molding them into something special and meaningful, regardless of boundaries or expectations. Each day bring new colors and shapes, and these are the things that Inviting the Crash tries to capture every time they write a song.

True artistry does not end in the studio. The real test is on the live stage, where art lives or dies depending on the artist's ability to convey it. Inviting the Crash was built to play live-REALLY play. Once described as a cross between The Used and Hoobastank, with the virtuosity of Tool, the guys bring and intense energy and passion to the stage every night that sometimes gets them in trouble-a chance collision between Paul's guitar neck and Jamie's eye during one show left Jamie with a little less blood and a permanent souvenir.

Open your mind, let you guard down, have a listen, and let's have some fun while we're here. This is Inviting the Crash.

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Twelve Days in Repair:

1. Save the Best For Last
2. Give it All
3. For My Own
4. Starting Over
5. Sorry to Say
6. Too Many Times

Opening slots for several national bands, including Hoobastank, Fuel, Abandoned Pools, Trust Company, and more...

Radio: regular appearances, performances, and spins on 89X and WRIF 101.1 (Detroit) local shows

Upcoming tour dates with Fenix TX in early 2006

Set List

All original songs, usually 40-50 minute sets consisting of any combination of the songs listed below.

Save the Best For Last
Desperation 101
Give It All
Inside Your Head (I’m Alright)
For My Own
Starting Over
Handholding On For Dear Life
Sorry To Say
Houses Are Halos
Too Many Times
Better Somewhere Else
Permanent Shower