I.N.Y.A. B.O.Yz.

I.N.Y.A. B.O.Yz.

BandHip Hop

Independent, black owned Rap/Hip-hop label and group from Virginya. Very southern, but very east coast. Very intellectual and diverse. A lot of different artists and a number of different producers. Self-made and self-paid.


I.N.Y.A. B.O.YZ. is an acronym meaning I'm Not Ya Average, Blame Only YourselveZ. It basically means that we are individuals with originality and you only have yourself to blame if you are just like everybody else. We take pride in not sounding and looking like anyone else. We are from Virginya (I know the spelling is incorrect, but that'z how it'z pronounced). Very well educated and well-rounded artists and producers.


*Debut independent release
-I.N.Y.A. B.O.YZ. - Released May 23, 2006
*Sophomore album scheduled to be released late April/early May 2007!!!

Set List

3 or 4 tracks.
- Fire - (5:10)
- Tru Kingz - (3:26)
- I.N.Y.A. B.O.Y. (Tha Anthem) - (4:59)
- We Takin' Ova - (5:58)