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IN-ZO is a rapper with a fresh sound from the city of Chicago. He raps with a fresh prospective the translates globally. IN-ZO The King is the next in line.


Originally determined to be a singer, multi-talented, 21-year-old artist In-Zo has made his mark among locals in Chicago by showcasing his unconventional outlook on music. In-Zo’s music is not only auditory—but visual. It is safe to say as a singer, rapper, producer, and graphic artist that In-Zo was born to share his creativity with the world. He particularly wishes to hone his music production skills to ensure that his mark is more than set in stone after he’s gone. Referring to his genre as “non-classifiable”, it’s apparent that In-Zo wishes to clear his own path in the music industry instead of walking someone else’s. Beginning his journey in a grammar school dedicated to developing the artistic abilities of its students, an idea was planted in his mind—an idea of excellence.
Inspired by Pharrell, Timbaland, and Kanye West, who is also a multifaceted native of Chicago, In-Zo wants to be all that they are and then some. He has no definition of success. To him, it will always be unattainable. He will always be on the grind, even when he has reached the pinnacle of what others believe to be success. To In-Zo, his music means more than just expressing himself; it means being able to take care of his family. He believes that even if there are a million guys working on a project, then there still is no sleeping for him until the job is done.
Where will In-Zo be in 5 years? According to him, he will be an untamable entity in the industry, and in 10 years he’ll be untouchable—period. His drive and determination has led him to believe that music is his sole calling. For him, there is no other option. His creativity is bursting at the seams, and, if given the chance or financial support, In-Zo would market his talents. He believes that spreading the word about all of his capabilities is a certain way to make sure he achieves his ultimate goal—for people to see the world through his eyes.


Single: "Gucci Louis" SMG/UNIVERSAL Worldwide release coming soon.