melodic metal, a mix of Euro American syle playing, duel lead european syle guitaring, with a driving groove bass, along side american style drumming and vocals, we have a wide range melody mixed with heavy that can relate to a variety of different listeners.


Io, started in eairly 08, as a side project to vocalist Ian And guitarist Seth's bands. soon after Angelo and Cj joined. Steve joined us about a year later after a mutual aggreement with our original bass player bobs leaving the band, After a few months of writing we started gaining fast recognition, and quickly booked a debut, since then we have headlined countless shows in the youngstown area, co-hosted 93.3's homegrown show, have had articles/interviews with and played among many very talented acts. also headlined a show with as summer dies. Our music has a driving force all along very melodic grooves, which has brought us much recognition in our area. we have gone within a year from a side project just wanting to have a good time, to a main focus which is attracting many more fans with each show, as our popularity grows more and more we have spent alot more time writing and trying to please everyone we play for. we have a wide variety of influences including but not limited to Lamb of god, the mars volta, amon amarth, alice in chains, unearth, and all that remains to name a few. we all have very different influences in which we believe is what makes us play so well together, we mix many different syles and techniques which comes together to make a sound all of our own.


I arise- single
No escape- single
Extinction undenied- single

Set List

our average set list is usually around 7 songs, which puts us in the 45-1hr time range, we can shorten our lengthen it without any notice at any time.