I, Octopus

I, Octopus


Instrumental band I, Octopus is cutting edge experimental, progressive rock straight out of New Orleans. They love to create intense meditative soundscapes that are both bluesy and prolific.


I, Octopus is instrumental, experimental rock from New Orleans, LA. Their unique and intimate live performances create sonic soundscapes that range from punk rock recklessness, teetering on the edge of chaos to calm, relaxing lullabies. Their music has been compared to many great bands such as Explosions in the Sky, Mogwai, and Pink Floyd.

The band formed in a Loyola University dorm room in 2000 by current members, Michael and Blake. Along with Matt Aguiliz (A Living Soundtrack) on drums and keyboardist Scott McManus, I, Octopus released their first EP 'Helping Others Help Themselves' in 2004. Their current drummer Jay joined the band in 2005 when Matt moved away. Since then the band has collaborated with keyboardist Brandon Bunch, and later, Abdon Callais. I, Octopus is featured on the 2008 local music compilation "Songs From the Basement Vol. 6" produced by Tulane University's WTUL, a progressive New Orleans radio station.

I, Octopus has released a split recording with Metronome the City in 2008 and have released their first full-length album, "I'd Rather Be a Lightning Rod Than a Seismograph" as of October 2009.


First EP - Helping Others Help Themselves - 2004
WTUL 91.5 FM Songs From the Basement Vol. 6 - 2008
I, Octopus / Metronome the City Split CD - 2008
First Full Length - I'd Rather Be a Lightning Rod Than a Seismograph - 2009

Set List

Johnny Unitas
Smiling at the Ceiling
Human Tornado
Question the Heroic Approach
I'm Not Sad Just Curious
This Tiny Television
One Trick Horse
Business is Great, People are Happy Everything is Teriffic
Sean Johnson is the Slick Leg Champion of the World

Our set is usually around an hour but we are flexible and can play either 2 hours (divided up into two sets) or 30minutes. We usually don't do covers since we are an instrumental band but have done a couple in the past.