“Acoustic driven and clean, the quietest of quiet spaces, dark melody opening up into muted rhythms, voice and guitar filling it before breaking out into punching straight bluesy rock. Way cool man.” The Drum Media AUSTRALIA


Hello world, my name is iOTA. No my parents didn't take alot of acid in the sixties. I changed my name by deed poll about nine years ago. Why did I change my name? Well firstly, I was ALWAYS going to. Everyone I ever admired as a kid changed their names. Like, rock stars and movie stars. It's just what they did. It's all part of it. And being the young aspiring Star that I was, it was the natural thing to do. Secondly because when I "came out" of my rock 'n' roll closet I felt like a new man. No pun intended. I just left behind my old life and lifestyle and felt that I'd moved on and far beyond anything I'd ever been or done before. A new life, a new identity, a new name. And lastly, I changed my name to iOTA because I thought it was a rad name for a band. One night while playing some drunken acoustic guitar a friend asked if I'd like to do a solo support spot with his band at the Vulcan Hotel in Ultimo(Sydney, Australia). I said "yup" and he asked what name they should advertise me as. I said "iOTA". I changed it legally soon after and the rest is history. Now, since then I've released three albums and two e.p.'s, a few singles, made film clips, been nominated for awards, had backing bands, split up with backing bands, gotten loads of cool airplay, experienced the highs of an album that sold well, experienced the lows of an album that flopped, quit my day job to be a full time muso, learnt how to use Pro-tools, met lots of cool famous people, done supports with lots of cool(and not so cool) famous people, made lots and lots of great friends, had one or two die, fallen in and out of love, been stalked, lost all hope, found new inspiration and created one of my favourite albums of all time... "Beauty Queen of the Sea", for which I'm still working on the album artwork. Hopefully it'll be out around late April. I reckon that's kind of me in a nutshell...for now anyway. I'm restless and I don't feel complete, but that's o.k. It keeps this arty wanker inspired and ladies and gentlemen I WANK HARD and EVERY day. Wear more make-up, change your hair colour regularly, be creative, get a frock on every now and then and hug your mates... Peeeeeeeeeeeace.


Come Back For Me

Written By: Lyrics: iOTA Music: iOTA, Tim Powles, Mark Axiak

Under the bridge tonight
We threw rocks all shattering the harbour light
With that look on your face
There’s the other one behind it that I really like
And then we said goodbyes
I’ll start counting the days
Wipe the smile from my face in anticipation

Come back for me
I will be waiting where you tell me
Come back for me
I will be waiting where you leave me

I’m not afraid to die
But it’s your death honey that I think about
And in the sky sometime
I’ll get a plane skywriter for your birthday
I’ve got a message in mind
It’s the same as before
I’m just waiting for your next confirmation

Come back for me
I will be waiting where you tell me
Come back for me
I will be waiting where you leave me

It’s a hell of a scene
All your friends would agree
And I should be painting you
Every Saturday night I’ll be shattering lights
Throwing rocks here with no one

Come back for me
I will be waiting where you tell me
Come back
I will be waiting
Come back for me
I will be waiting
Are you coming back for me?


Beauty Queen Of The Sea - Oct 2006
La Caravana - released July 2003
Big Grandfather - released August 2001
Hip Bone Connection - Sept 1999

Little Carlos - August 2000
iOTA - August 1998

Set List

60 - 90 minutes.
No covers.
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