Collingwood, Victoria, AUS

Iowa’s music is a union of contradictions: lo-fi but widescreen,tight-as-a-drum songwriting with expansive solos, hanging sheets of noise on surprisingly hummable hooks, drawing on the distortion-drenched dynamics of forebears like Sonic Youth & Swervedriver.


Don’t say you haven’t been warned! The men that are single-handedly redefining the genre of guitar band are ready to strike. The amps are up, the pedals are on, the foundations have been reinforced. IOWA’s debut album ‘Never Saw It Coming’ is here.

Fast gaining the reputation as the leaders of the new generation of sonic terrorists, IOWA have delivered the masterpiece that their live shows have promised.

All the staples of seeing them live are here, the swathes of swirling, fuzzed-out guitars (via guitarist/vocalist Dylan Stewart), the room shaking bass (Jordan Barczak) and phenomenally intense drums (Matt Rooney) combine over 12-tracks to create an amazingly coherent album.

‘Never Saw It Coming’, IOWA’s strangely claustrophobic, yet psychologically spacious take on the tropes of rock (look, it’s a nice way of saying ‘if you’re stoned when you hear this album, you might just think it’s the greatest thing in the history of the world’) is able to speak for its brain-melting self.

Recorded over a frenetic two days, with engineer/mixer Neil Thomason (My Disco, Adam Harding, Bird Blobs), all of the tracks were laid down as roughly and readily as possible to capture the raw power of IOWA in full flight.

‘Never Saw It Coming’, finds IOWA trawling through waters that are at times muscular and ominous as on lead singles ‘Complete Control’ or ‘Panic Attack’, while elsewhere they’re plaintive and dreamy as on ‘Should Of Known’ or ‘Good Advice’.

All the time, however, there’s a certain all-pervading sense of melody and pop; strange, considering how its couched in brooding, oft-times raw, psychedelic rock.

But since 2010 saw the band release two different coloured 7” vinyl singles: the green ‘Stay Solo/AM’ double A side, and the epic blood red of ‘Lose Yourself/Reasons’, they’ve fostered that melodious bent and it’s encapsulated perfectly on ‘Never Saw It Coming’


Never Saw It Coming
Released April 20th 2012

Love Song
Taken From Never Saw It Coming
Released 1st April 2012
Triple J Unearthed Feature Track
National Airplay, PBS, RRR, EDGE RADIO, 2 SER, RTR, ZZZZ

Panic Attack
Taken From Never Saw It Coming
Released 15th February, 2012

*Rotation on fBI Radio Sydney
National Airplay, PBS, RRR, EDGE RADIO, 2 SER, RTR, ZZZZ
Film Clip #5 on Channel V Rock Chart April 21st 2012

Complete Control
Free Download from
Released on Oct 21st 2011


Stay Solo / Am 7"
Green Vinyl, limited to 150 copies
w / CD including a bonus track
Released May 2010

Lose Yourself / Reasons 7"
Red Vinyl, Limited to 150 copies
w / Download Voucher with 2 bonus tracks

Available from

Released for Free Download / Stream on Bandcamp

Stay Solo / Am Digital 7"
Track Listing
Stay Solo
Weighed Down*

Lose Yourself / Reasons Digital 7"
Lose Yourself
Gaps In Conversation*