Iowa Super Soccer

Iowa Super Soccer


We are indie band from Poland which is inspired in bands like Slowdive, Field mice, Mojave 3, Idaho, Red house painters, The Smiths, Stone roses, Galaxie 500, Trembling blue stars. There is no bands like ISS in Poland. Nobody plays here that kind of music. So listen to our music if you want :)


The history of band begun in July 2004.

In 2006 the band released 2 demo EP's ('Iowa Super Soccer' and ‘Teenage dreams so hard to beat’).‘Wild world’ ('Iowa Super Soccer' EP) was the most downloaded song on the British website 'Zin The Mag'.

Our debut album ‘Lullabies to keep your eyes closed’ was released in 2008 on GUSSTAFF RECORDS/LETTERBOX and called one of the best debuts in Poland on 2008 by polish medium!
‘Lullabies…’ was ‘The album of the week’ at Trojka Radio and the songs from that CD ‘The River’ and ‘Cold’ promoted the album on that radio, (‘The River’ was also ‘The song of the day‘), Album was also valued by other stations like Radio Katowice, Piekary, Lodz, Gdansk, Antyradio, Roxy fm, Eska Rock, Afera, Radio Em, Egida, 17 (Cracow), Zak (Lodz), Radioaktywne, Index from Zielona Gora.

Additionally songs from the album were released on compilations like Alternative trippin’, Offsesje 1, Program alternatywny - Agnieszki Szydlowskiej, Pop Nation 2 (Spain), Artur Rojek OFF Festiwal;
Press articles about Iowa Super Soccer was in “Gazeta Wyborcza”, “Dziennik Zachodni”, “Ultramaryna”, “Dziennik Polska”, “Machina”, “Pulp Magazine” and more others.

In 2009 Iowa Super Soccer has played at the biggest and most popular festivals like Opener Festival, Globaltica, Ars Cameralis and OFF Festival, Iowa also got an award for European Revelation group 2008-2009 at Festiwal Cáceres Pop Art and played a minor concert in Cáceres which is a prospect for name “European Capital of Culture 2016”.
On 15th of March the band has released second album called ‘Stories Without Happy Ending’ promoted by song ‘My world’, which had premiere at Trojka Radio. The song was on the charts and was ‘The song of the day’! Second album also got the name of ‘The album of the week’ at Trojka.

Iowa Super Soccer has supported artists like Myslovitz (PL), Czeslaw Spiewa (PL), Stanislaw Soyka (PL), Mark Kozelek (ex-Red House Painters; USA), Dirtmusic (USA/AUS/SI), Matt Elliot (UK), Dakota Suite (UK), My Name Is Nobody (FR), Tamikrest (MALI), Rykarda Parasol (USA), Lonely Drifter Karen (AUS/ES), Troy von Balthazar (USA), Barbara Morgenstern (DE), Imannu EL (SE), Ioseb (SE).

The band attended Heineken Open'er Festival 2009, Off-festival in 2006 and 2009, Globaltica Festival 2009, PiotrkOFF Art Festival 2009, Feel on Festival, Ars Cameralis 2009, PiotrkOFF Art Festival (2009). There were also a concert in Agnieszka’s Osiecka studio in Warsaw and in ‘Offsesja’ auditions (2008-2010). Iowa has played about 120 concerts to promote their two albums.

The 2010 gave to band new experiences. They have played at Film Festival ‘Kregi Sztuki’ and ‘Maj Music’ Festival. They also appeared in ‘Przesluchanie’ audition at Roxy FM Radio. Iowa Super Soccer played at ‘Woodstock Festival’, one of the biggest music events in Poland. They also gave a few concerts in Czech Republic and Ukraine and played two concerts in Cracow and Sopot to promote Katowice city as a candidate for a name of ‘European Capital of Culture 2016’.
Iowa Super Soccer is making a material for the third album.

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ISS - Someone like you.mp3

Written By: ISS

I see in your face you look so tired
You must be awake all of this time
Let’s see how it’ll be when the world will change.
Let’s see how it’ll be when I’ll take the place of you
So try you don’t have to hide
You don’t have to run away

I see in your eyes how you look at me
I have no clue that I’m so in love
I can see clearly now what’s sleeping in you
You must be this guy who ignores whole behind
So try you don’t have to hide
You don’t have to be afraid.

ISS - Scary Book.mp3

Written By: ISS

In a last chapter of this scary book
Main character left Mrs. Blue
Because of this she’s not in the mood to face the day
She is hiding away…

He told me there:
You are a waste of time
And all of blame is yours now
I have no clue why you’re hurting me…
I’m still in love with you so…
Look at me…

Do you wanna know what happened next…?
Mrs. Blue has gone in a strange way
All her clothes are packed in boxes
In a big room has stayed only cold.

Somebody has find a little note And everything became clear for all
I have no time, I can’t hold it
You’ll never see me again…

ISS - My world.mp3

Written By: ISS

Every time I’m looking for nice words in my world
Every time I’m looking for great words
would you find these words?
Wild world…
Oh this is my world!

Everywhere is music like a raindrop is falling down
People and animals on the treetops
Are dreaming of…

Wild world…
Oh this is my world!

ISS - The story of our picture.mp3

Written By: ISS

Blue is the colour of the wind
And sad songs, guitar riffs
Then white is winter inside me
Frozen words you can’t hear

What’s the colour of this affair?
I can’t paint if I don’t even know your tint.

Your face belongs to black and brown
Autumn sounds, tears and doubts
And what if I add a little bit
Of pinky lips and sweets?

Oh, what’s the colour of this affair?
Oh, I can’t paint if I Don’t even know your tint.

Oh, What’s the colour of our love?
Oh, I will paint it and hang above my bed, your bed…


1. Iowa Super Soccer - EP 2006
2. Teenage Dreams So Hard To Beat - EP 2006
3. Lullabies To Keep Your Eyes Closed - LP 2008
Songs 'The River' and 'Cold' were a two singles and became a "Song of the day" in Radio Trojka, the biggest alternative radio in Poland
4. Stories Without Happy Ending - LP 2010
'My World' was 'Song of the day' at Radio Trojka and other alternative radios in Poland.

Set List

1.Someone like You
2.Wake up!
3. When You Return
4.My world
5.Sunday Comes
6. Little Joe
7.Scary book
8.Oh my heart
10. Mr. Lonely
11.The story of our picture
12. Society's child - Ian Harris cover
13. Cold
14. Let me die
15. I want you - Bob Dylan cover
16. Unknown legend - Neil Young cover