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Cleveland, Ohio, United States | SELF

Cleveland, Ohio, United States | SELF
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"CBS Channel 19 News interview"

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"Interview: iPhonic"

Karmaloop got up with iPhonic to get the inside scoop on their latest music video, collabs with Krayzie Bone and Machine Gun Kelly, and current projects.

The group is comprised of vocalists Dave D and JQ, keyboard and guitarist Matt Gibson, and drummer Ben Schigel.

For those who haven’t heard of iPhonic yet, what would you like to tell them about your music and who you are?

For those who haven’t heard of iPhonic we’d like to tell them that we make real music that everyone can move to. We take a healthy dosage of “sex, drugs, and rock n roll” and mix it with hip-hop flavor and tons of vodka… that most accurately describes who “iPhonic” is.

Since the release of your debut record Sorry for Partying you guys have been developing a large fan base and buzz in the Midwest. What are you guys doing now?

Currently we are working on a new mixtape called Rock N Roll Vol. 1 that will be out early November 2011.

What should fans expect from Rock N Roll Vol 1?

They should expect to get drunk upon hearing it [laughs]. But it’s a fun great soundtrack for any party. We’re really trying to bring the notion of “sex, drugs, rock n roll” back to pop culture.

Why is your focus on the concept of “rock n roll?”

We don’t see any crazy partying [or] outrageous rock stars anymore. There are no Mötley Crüe or Rolling Stones out there playing killer tunes all while downing tons of liquor anymore. As you can probably tell, we love to party and get rowdy. We’ve been kicked out of countless clubs [and] venues at our own shows for getting too out of control – not to mention we throw the sickest parties. So therefore, we figured it’s only natural for us to bring it back.

Another artist known for his rock & roll antics is Machine Gun Kelly, who you guys did a collab with on the song “Love of the Game.” How did that come about?

Our drummer Ben was mixing MGK’s “Lace Up” mixtape at [Spider Studios], so we met that way. We were both starting to break out more and we hit him up with the beat and asked him to jump on it, and the rest is history.

Krayzie Bone of the legendary Cleveland rap group Bone Thugs-n-Harmony is featured on another song with you guys, “Shut It Down.” How did you guys link up with him?

We met Krayzie Bone at an industry party and we gave him an iPhonic CD and chopped it up for a few minutes. Our vocalist JQ and him exchanged numbers and a couple of days later he called Q saying he loves our music and wanted to do a song together and that’s how “Shut It Down” was born.

You guys just dropped an absolutely hilarious music video “The After Party.” Can you tell me a little about what went down during the making of the video?

To be completely honest we just threw a big party, got wasted, and shot the video. It got really out of control; the cops came twice, DJ E-V got thrown into a fan, DJ Pana almost left because he was freaked out by the insanity, people were getting hit by keyboards, guitars, and the end result was of a lot of broken glass.

What made you guys think to have DJ E-V cameo as nerd in video?

Well he’s a good friend of ours and a real goofy dude, so we thought it would be funny to have him be a character. Also he doesn’t really drink, so we liked the idea of crashing his house and throwing an out of control, vodka-fueled rager. More importantly, he’s hosting our new mixtape so we thought it would make sense.

Finally, where can people actually witness the craziness of iPhonic live next?

We have a tour starting on September 24th called “iPhonic Gone Wild.” We are performing all over the Midwest from Kent to Cincinnati, Bowling Green, Athens, Columbus, and Indianapolis. Florida, Chicago, and New York dates to be announced soon too! To get the full schedule you can check out our website, iphonicmusic.com.
- KarmaLoop.com


From the playbook to the rhyme book, the band iPhonic, possesses all the talents to make all the right plays in the music game. iPHONIC is made up of Dave D, Matt Gibson, Ben Schigel, and JQ. iPHONIC’s highly anticipated CD ‘Sorry for Partying’ was just released this November. The record showcases the extent of iPHONIC’s musical possibilities, with songs ranging from feel good, sing along pop tunes to aggressive club bangers that get people ready to have a good time.

Hip Hop Leak: For those who haven’t heard of you yet what would you like us to tell them about your music and who you are?

Ben: For those who haven’t heard of iPhonic I’d like to tell them that our music is all about having fun and partying hence the title of the record “Sorry For Partying.” I think we are all a bunch of guys who like to make music with no boundaries and are having fun making and performing it.

Dave D: I think as a group we would all say “almost famous” because its our story and really any artists story of the work behind the scenes that people don’t really know about. You ask any artist whether its music, photography, or a finger painter “they can tell you what the struggles like” ha.

JQ: For people who dont know us, i would like them 2 understand that we make real music that everyone can move 2, we stand by our product and when u see iphonic there is a certain quality that comes with that.

HHL: What inspired the new album “Sorry for Partying” ?

Ben: It was our desire to make music that we ourselves really enjoyed listening to, I guess being a fan of our own band. I think it really opens itself to a lot of genres and can be liked by everyone with an open mind for music!

Gibson: The album was pretty much inspired by where we are all at in our lives… For example the song, “deep down south” is a reflection of our touring experiences, tracks like “rock with me” and “make her say” speak on behalf of the party animals inside all of us, while “love of the game” and “almost famous” reveal our devotion to the struggle to succeed…. As for who should listen to this… anyone with $10 and an iTunes account… but seriously, this record is for anyone who needs a break from the “real world” aka life. The title “Sorry For Partying” is a common sentiment in the group after countless shows… we have a tendency to get a little carried away backstage (and on stage at times), and we often find ourselves apologizing the next day to the promoters/club owners for our excessive partying… lol.

HHL: What are you listening to right now?

Ben: I am listening to whatever surrounds me on a daily basis from John Coltrane, Pantera to radio talk show info warrior Alex Jones. I also run Spider Studios in Cleveland, I don’t get much of a chance to listen to music besides the bands I am recording.

Dave D: I’ll keep it real and give you my last four Pandora searches: Earth, Wind and Fire…Aston Martin Music….Blink 182….Etta James, if you don’t know Etta James get hip to her immediately, one of the best blues/soul/jazz singers of all time she gets me every time.

JQ: I really am a product of hip hop, as for what I am listening to right now, I am playing Kanye’s new album (completely fire). I am also a big fan of Young Money and Wiz Khalifa. I’m all about the new school, ushering in a new generation for hip hop, keeping the music alive by evolving.

Gibson: Derek and the Dominoes – live at the Fillmore, I came up as a blues/rock guitarist, and theres no one I’d rather hear play than Clapton paying the blues. Machine Gun Kelly’s Lace Up, which is such a step up from 100 words and Running; I remember the first time i heard it a couple weeks ago i was blown away; my favorite track on that is “End of the Road,” I remember being in the studio with Kells and Ben Schigel when they were mixing it and just being like “this shit is amazing”.

HHL: What is your ultimate goal you would like to accomplish in your music career?

Ben: My ultimate goal I’d like to accomplish in my career would be to be able to sit back, grab a few Miller Lites and enjoy all the music I’ve helped create over the span of my life…I feel that if I could be a fan of the music that there will be others that enjoy it just as much as me…We all contribute different things in iphonic and those contributions are always changing, so I guess there really isn’t any one thing that any one guy specifically does, but what I will say is we are definitely SORRY FOR PARTYING!

Dave D: My ultimate goal is not ever having to be in the “real world” if music can provide me with a roof over my head and food on the table, then my goal is accomplished. Selling out the Garden wouldn’t be too bad either…haha Pretty much iRock, iRap, iSing, iWrite, iParty, and iGMFB on a daily basis.

JQ: The ultimate goal in our music career is to get money and fuck bitches. “GMFB”. you can definitely play a part in that if u like, just let us know!

Gibson: Like any hungry up and coming artist, i wanna be on top of the music industry; but i would be more than happy to settle for a career in music that can provide enough income to support my self and live comfortab

You can find iPHONIC’s CD, Sorry for Partying on iTunes, and iphonicmusic.com. Also available on their Web site is iPhonic exclusive tracks featuring Aaron Lafette and Machine Gun Kelly, and gear including; t-shirts, sunglasses, cups, and more. - HIPHOPLEAK.NET


iPhonic, Cleveland’s hot new pop group, formed in January 2009 when it’s members entered the studio to record several hip-hop songs played as a live band. Shortly after, they began to perform all over the Midwest, receiving positive feedback for both the music and the stage show, which is packed with enthusiasm and energy from the band and crowd. In their short period as a band, they have played with artists such as Mike Posner, Kid Cudi, B.o.B., Shwayze, Chip tha Ripper, and Big Sean. iPhonic’s debut album, titled “Sorry For Partying,” (released November 2010), showcases the extent of iPhonic’s musical possibilities, with songs ranging from feel good, sing along pop tunes to aggressive club bangers that are sure to have you partying on the dance floor. Be sure to check out iPhonic’s music and experience what is sure to be a great show and one hell of a party. Be on the look out for their new single and mixtape titled “The Afterparty.”

TheOneMic: How did you get your name?
iPhonic: Just searching through the urban dictionary for cool words/phrases iPhonic just looked and sounded cool, and for some reason we thought it was fitting for our sound.

TheOneMic: If you have multiple people in your band, what are their names and instruments?
Dave D – vocals
JQ – vocals
Matt Gibson – guitar/keys
Ben Schigel – drums
Adam Smith aka “Shady 5? – bass

TheOneMic: When did you start pursuing music as a career? What sacrifices have you had to make?
iPhonic: Dave and Matt began playing in a band together while going to OU a few years ago. JQ has been rapping for years and Adam has been in a few other bands before. Ben has been working in music for over 20 years, he was the lead singer of Switched (warped tour, ozzfest) and now owns spider studios (spiderstudiosohio.com).

TheOneMic: What / who are your influences?
iPhonic: Everything. Seriously everything, between the 5 of us we like everything from Blink 182, Beastie Boys, Van Halen, Lil Wayne, Curtis Mayfield, the Beatles, Kesha, etc… EVERYTHING

TheOneMic: Do you do any other art besides music?
iPhonic: We make partying an art.

TheOneMic: What makes your sound different than the other band?
iPhonic: We have no limitations as far as our sound goes. If we wanna use a synth, or a guitar, or a violin, or even a ukulele in a song we will. Also, we are writing songs that are just fun to listen to. The perfect soundtrack to any party.

TheOneMic: What does your family think about you being in a band?
iPhonic: Our families are all very supportive. Every time we play in Cleveland they are all there, they are big fans of the music.

TheOneMic: What are you listening to right now?
iPhonic: Right now we are listening to Kesha, Bob Marley, Lil Wayne, Paul Simon, Machine Gun Kelly, Mike Posner, Wiz Khalifa, and the Rolling Stones.

TheOneMic: How has your life changed since you have been in the music game?
iPhonic: Its just way more fun. Traveling, meeting cool people, getting to be a part of dope events like 8 fest, getting flown to Las Vegas and Lake Havasu.

TheOneMic: Where do you see yourself in five months? five years?
iPhonic: In 5 months I see us a few steps closer to the dream. In 5 years I see us living the dream.


There are great things about music geared for your average college student. Genre-bending experimentalists can throw new tracks out at campuses which are never meant to fall upon mainstream ears. But not all college music was made for just your freshmen sister’s “I can’t believe you’ve never heard of them” playlist. Hailing from Cleveland, OH, iPhonic are about to embark on a 6 date college tour, bringing a slightly different flavor to your local shoe-gazing, indie rock student scene. Mixing vodka-infused rock themes with hip-hop hooks, iPhonic has worked hard to ensure their latest record “Sorry for Partying” will more than cameo at tonight’s rager. And if you leave your address, you can pretty much guarantee they will be there too, ready to party all night – or at least until the booze is gone.Q: How did you choose your genre?

A: I don’t think we really sat down and said this is what we want to sound like, I think it’s just the sound that happens when the five of us get together and make music

Q: Who were your influences?

A: Everyone’s influences are different in the band, but for me personally I grew up on the classics(Pink Floyd, The Police, Steely Dan, Vodka, etc..)

Q: Did you ever take any formal music lessons?

A: No…self taught

Q: Which of your works would you say is your favorite, so far?

A: I’d say our newest song “After Party” is my favorite of all of our material, really like the direction

Q: How did you come up with the name of the new album?

A: The name “Sorry For Partying” came about I believe from our parting sometimes getting out of hand, I thought it was just fitting for us and these songs

Q: How do you normally write your songs?

A: Guitarist Matt Gibson usually comes up with an idea on piano or guitar, then Joe Q and Dave D sit with it and come up with some vocal lines, then in the studio I take it and put the finishing touches on it and help with the hooks.

Q: In your opinion, what does a good song need to consist of?

A: A good song consist of a vibe and hooks

Q: What song is your favorite to play live?

A: I really like playing “After Party” and “She’s Got It” the most, just fun to play and the crowd reaction is always good to those songs

Q: What cities top your favorite to play?

A: Favorite city to play would have to be Athens, Ohio…Dave D and Matt Gibson went to school at Ohio University and we have a real nice fan base there

Q: What do you think the best part of touring is?

A: The best part of touring is getting to see the world and meeting different people, I also like partying with the guys in the band and building memories

Q: Where do you see the band in 5 years? 10 years?

A: I really don’t mean to dodge the question but I think we really just try to take it one day at a time with this band and enjoy the moment we’re in, it’s too hard to predict the future in this music environment, but what I can tell you is I hope we’re rich and famous!

Q: Any words of wisdom for those with hopes of breaking into music?

A: Do it because you love it, odds are you are never going to get paid…just some words of advice.

Q: What is your biggest guilty pleasure?

A: My biggest guilty pleasure ,which is the same as everyone in the band would be partying!!!!! - FORTHESOUND.COM


Former Ohio University students Dave DiGregorio and Matthew Gibson will be entertaining a crowd of spring breakers in Lake Havasu, Arizona, after winning a nationwide contest.

The two, who perform as iPhonic, entered a contest on Facebook and will be using the performance to promote their upcoming tour across Ohio colleges.

Gibson, who plays guitar and keyboard, found the contest online and promoted it over the course of a week.

“In the end we won by seven votes. It’s crazy. Every single vote was huge,” he said.

DiGregorio, lead singer of iPhonic and former student, said he feels the performance will further the groups’ success.

“It’s just so crazy that they’re flying us out to perform. We’ve come so far in the past couple months. It’s like everything is going in the right direction,” he said.

Gibson said his and DiGregorio’s time in Athens influenced the band’s direction and music, as they played in a classic rock cover band at Red Brick Sports Pub & Grill prior to forming iPhonic.

“Dave and I are certainly party animals. … The lifestyle of Athens, going to the bars and getting rowdy as hell, definitely influenced the band. You can hear it in the lyrics,” Gibson said.

Following a recent collaboration with Cleveland rapper Machine Gun Kelly, iPhonic is playing at six colleges, including OU, as part of its Ohio College Tour in April.

“It’s our perfect market. We’re a party band. Who to play for better than college kids?” Gibson said.

Gibson said iPhonic approaches their music with a light-hearted attitude.

“It’s just fun music. We don’t take ourselves too seriously. We’re not trying to be super hard … like your typical rapper or hip-hop group would,” Gibson said. “We’re out there talking about stuff that is true to us. Partying, having fun, hanging out with friends – it’s all high energy.”

Gibson said iPhonic hopes new management and the Ohio college tour will help them gain more notoriety.

“Ideally, we’d go on to be rock stars. I guess that’s every musician’s dream,” Gibson said.

By Callie Driehorst - THEPOST.OHIOU.EDU


- "Sorry For Partying" LP

-"Rock & Roll Vol 1" Mixtape

-"All Summer" music video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lO2yMyTAmmc

-"Shut It Down (feat Krayzie Bone) music video.

"The Afterparty" music video.



iPhonic is an explosive pop-rock and hip-hop group emerging out of Cleveland, Ohio. They deliver a unique blend of sing along pop songs, aggressive club hits, and a rock n roll stage show. iPhonic continues to tour the midwest and beyond with one goal in mind: to rock the stage and show you a hell of a good time!

"The Afterparty" music video

"Shut It Down (feat Krayzie Bone)

"All Summer" music video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lO2yMyTAmmc