Ipswich vs the Wall

Ipswich vs the Wall

 Austin, Texas, USA
BandRockNew Age

We are a group of wizards steeped in magic, ranging from soulful grooves to dark pop rock.


Ipswich vs the Wall is a band from Austin, TX, that is well versed in the art of story telling. They weave the listener directly into the action with a closed fist, and propelling song structures. The music is a fork in the road, where you may lead the assault on your own mind, or let the ongoing, imagery-filled narrative take the reins and steer you in the direction of the music's closing. They currently have an album available for download at ipswichvsthewall.bandcamp.com and an upcoming EP.


Tusks and Teeth

Written By: Ipswich vs the Wall

With this kiss you are mine.

My love, what big teeth you have!
I wouldn't dream of escaping your grasp.
My eyes have moved on through the cold,
so I don't understand.

Why don't I see the tusks and teeth you have?
(with this kiss you are mine.)

Oh, what have you done?
Is there no shame left in your ghost?
(Oh no, there's none!)
My love, what big teeth you have!
The night won't loosen its grasp.

Heal my body and let me see the tusks and teeth you have!
(with this kiss you are mine.)


'SLEEP: A Concept Album' (2010)
The idea for this project was cooked up in a dream, so it was totally natural that the first album bases it's entire sound around the dark world of dreams. People believe that when you sleep, you tap into another plane of existence. Another world, so to speak, where anything is possible. A world filled with amazing sights and spirit beings, both good and evil. But what would happen if someone you loved was trapped inside their own mind? Would you dare step into the darkness to save them?

'Evil Geniuses' EP: (TBA, 2012)
"Science was advancing faster than anyone could imagine. With the wall gone, the mind was free to roam and create as it saw fit. Although the structural integrity of said mind was compromised, men continued to build and regrow what was left of the world. A great machine, aptly named 'Legendary' advanced that could, not only, transport a human being through space, but also time! The construction of this machine sparked a war of words, and spread a vast feeling of accomplishment among the greatest minds, but can it be destroyed before it unravels the threads of our world completely?"