It's all elements of Grindcore that make the genre awesome. We do all we can to make music that we love personally and always inspires us to do better.


IPV(Injurious Physical Violence) started in Galveston Texas as a 2 piece noisegrind band just making music and playing shows. We started in 2007 playing our very first shows at Fitgeraldz in Houston in front of a full crowd. We did not fit the bill at all though since we were a noisegrind band playing an all Funk and R&B show but we some how seemed to steal the show even though we only played a 12 minute set. After a few more shows we decided to make a short 5 minute demo to give out at shows for free. We sold out after only one or two of our shows. After making a few more Cds we took a short 2 week tour with College Station/Bryan Texas Band Predominant Mortification playing every night and having decent success. When the tour finished we added a personal friend to IPV, Nick Brown to do vocals. We played for a while just as a 3 piece getting lots of good gigs with touring bands like Misery Index, Divine Heresy, and Vital Remains. Marshall who has been playing guitar for us decided that since he is originally a bass player that we should start looking for a guitarest.About 5 months past till they recruited Cody Hancock from Predominant Mortification to play guitar and the line up has been the same since. We play lots of local shows with bands PLF, NIBIRU, Dissent, and Deterioration every time they roll by. We have lots of upcoming gigs in 2010 with bands Misery Index, Abolishment, Tombs, and one of our personal favorite bands Magrudergrind. We're working on lots of upcoming releases, at least 4 this year! We have a split with Contagious Corruption, one with I shit on Your Face(Brazil),and a full length in the works! IPV is progressing very well writing, recording, and playing shows.We hope to accomplish in the future a full U.S. and European tour, lots of writing and recording to get our music out to the world.


Lots of various Demos and rehersal recordings.
Split w/ Badgermeat

Set List

Our set list in my opinion is in an order to were it keeps the audience entertained very easily and to impress

1.Permeation of Noise
4.I was 18...50 Years ago
5.Don't tell me my devil buisness woman!
6.Smacked up and hacked up
7.More PowerViolence to ya!
8.Execution Etiquette-Deterioration Cover
9.The Poop Saga
10.Dirty Cunt Butt Fuck

Our Set wears us out beyond belief because we have such a strong stage presence but usually is about 15 to 20 minutes long unless we want to do an improv then well play till we cant anymore.