Trieste, Friuli Venezia Giulia, ITA

It's like when you are full of anger, but less violent.
It's like when you are in love, but less sentimental.
It's like when you are happy and you know why.
It's like when you meet somebody who looks disreputable, but then find out he's a kind-hearted person.

But IRAN IRAN "owe you nothing".


Details and coincidences. If Duran Duran, instead of being unaware inspirers of a ludicrous Italian subculture in the ’80s, had obtained a few covers on Teheran’s NMEs, they would probably had named themselves Iran Iran.
Luckily, History went differentely: a perfect time for us to say goodbye to our old band name, September10th, and update with US foreign politics latest trends.

Several live gigs, an unconditional love for the Washington DC sound, a deep-rooted hatred for stages higher than 10 inches. Some Italian magazines defined us as “armed arm with straight drum beat. Misanthropic and pander” or “conscious stirrers of Italy’s Northeast do-it-yourself scene”.
Two tenets: Duran Duran and Fugazi.

Our music rises from 4 different tastes and approaches to music. No leaders, pure democracy.
In music we put all we hide during the working week.
And you can feel it listening to us.

We formed in 2003 and for the last 3 years we had to fight against our drummers' leaving. (In Italy this is a big matter, as big as Berlusconi's shitty politics).
Finally we found the perfect line up balance.
We just recorded an EP and shot a video clip.
This is IRAN IRAN's new deal.


Mason Rocca

Written By: Stefano Luperto

you don't believe it's what it seems
you'll never be safe and sound oh no
you have that song that draws yourself
you are living in a house full of lies

you've never loved, never loved, never loved in that way
you've never loved, never loved, never loved!

you are not in this song
you are not in this movie
you are not in these words
you have every face

I've been so lonely till today
can't see a bright light in all the way
my moves were so wrong, were so bad
I wanna loose my game and my bet

you are not in this song
you are not in this movie
you are not in these words
you have every face

For some room

Written By: Stefano Luperto

we have orders to obey
we have powers to believe in
then we rest in peace

we carry on our desires
don't let our fears expires
our beloved liars

it's ok like that
it's ok like that
it's ok like that
my blood my head my skin my hands
they can not refrain
How can I pay off my debt?


Written By: Stefano Luperto

Everything is relative,
everything is frail.
change the angle,
change the key:
the meaning will get lost.

Pea not Tea

Written By: Stefano Luperto

Here we go loud and clear
this is what we do when mobile is off:
it's our soul turned into beats and screams.
it's our soul, c'mon get the beat and screams.

money, sweat, girlfriends, time.
the good and the bad time of our minds.

It's not for the money
it's not for the applause
it's not for the pussy
It's for some room
in our deaf world

the rhythm of our quips
our humor and sagacity
our gestures and shames
our weakness and shames

the tone of our voice
the way we walk and the way we talk
our gestures and shames
our weakness and shames
in our deaf world.


# 4songspromo03 [CDr - 2003, selfedit]
# Fake Disaster [CD - 2005, selfedit]
# appearing on vvaa “Bias Illumination Over
Diffracted Hearts” [CD - 2006 Holidays Records]
# appearing on vvaa “Memento Mori”
[CD - 2007 Sons of Vesta Records]
# Where the beat sounds the same [EP - 2011 Records! S'il Vous Plait]

Set List

1. Blasting cold
2. Mason Rocca
3. Grownups
4. Together
5. L'homme aux nerfs fatigues
6. Lotta/For some room
7. Pea not tea
8. Verlegenheit
9. Nulla
10. Milan