Irata is an Instrumental, three piece. Please listen to the music and make up your own mind if you like it or not. Thanks for your time and support


Irata was formed in late 2007 and have been growing steadily since. It is hard to put a label on the sound that this trio has sculpted. Using elements of jazz, atmospheric rock and African percussion, Irata have become one of the most eclectic groups in their genre. Their self titled debut is available internationally and has received consistent play through college radio, reaching as high as number 4 in the charts. They’ve also been praised by several XM radio stations. In a musical climate filled with clones, Irata is a group that persists in creating music not bound by conventional standards. This is audible art.


DIY debut album self titled "Irata".
distribution through
Itunes USA, UK/Europe, Japan, Australia
Rhapsody,Napster, Emusic, Amazon Mp3, Groupie Tunes, Lala.

USA and Canadian radio capaign summary:

XM radio channel 43 XMU billy zero's top 13 picks of up and coming new artists.

First Week: 29 stations added the record
Core stations to chart the record: WMBR (5), WVKR (#5), WESU (#7), and KVMR (#16)
Top supporters: KSLU (#4), WNCW (#7), WBGU (#10), SCAD (#11), WIUX (#14), WNMC (#15), and WARG (#22).
146 stations added the record.
89 stations charted the record in light or better.
14 stations charted the record in their top 30.

PR through Planetary Group.

Hear the whole album or buy @

Set List

45 to 60 min set.
set is all original.
set list:
Drunken Dwarf (debut album)
Last breath of the fallen fawn (new album 2009)
Infinite 8 (debut album)
Slide (debut album)
Lemeloing (debut album)
Baby's Breath (debut album)
Mana (new album 2009)
Clown Rehab ( debut album)
Eye of rah (debut album)
Pilgrim (debut album)
Angel's Share (debut album)