Avant-Garde instrumetal, peak and valley emotionfest, complete with dynamic, layered guitar tone, rhythmic bottom end, and syncopated, fluctuating drum flavors.


The journey of Irepress began in the basement of two loving brothers in Sharon, MA eight years ago. The elder, a guitarist by trade and the younger a drummer extraordinaire, shared equally a thirst for music and collaboration. Appropriating their skills throughout the local musical community, the syblings happened upon two guitar players from seperate corners of the same town. The duel guitarists had already been involved in a collaborative outfit celebrating the longevity of 80's metal with a blend of 90's riffery. With the elder brother taking on bass duties, two became four and the seed of the former projects had been supplanted by a new budding sound. After a few uproarious jam sessions and choice rock covers of the era, the newfound group decided to recruit a singer. Forever welcoming the influence of all passionate musicians, the band's collective consciousness cried out, "Why not two?" Jarrett Ring and Shomik Bhattacharya were infused into the system.
The early days yielded a power packed album, filled with grit and a firestom of youthful aggression. It was the independent release of H.A.V.O.C; The first true effort by the newly formed Irepress. An album devoted to metal as well as the influence of rapcore and even a hint of the emo rock of the time. (Not today's emo rock standards but those of the early 90's).
Years passed and times had changed. Both singers had left the band due to other commitments and the group was left back where they started. In a basement on 5 Juniper Rd, forced to come to terms once again with their roots. The choice to move forward was an easy one. The call for more music was in order.
The band began to operate without a net and the influences came flying to the surface only to smash into a glass wall of new sound. After three years of trial and error, stops and starts, on's and off's, Irepress birthed their first official full length release of the new era, Samus Octology. The soundscapes are rich with vibrant color and as harsh as 8 suburban winters. The result translated to Irepress finally finding a home in the world's current and vast musical landscape.
Presently, the band is pushing their sound even further, welcoming back former singer Jarrett Ring to take on a new role in the band eight years advanced. The new direction is more ambient, more colorful and more melodic than ever before.
The sound is forever being altered but the same principles have stayed in place for 8 years. Irepress will soon be moving a crowd near you.


Samus Octology (2005)
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