Los Angeles, California, USA

Presenting a unique blend of electronica, rock, jazz, and contemporary classical music, Iridas has begun to shape the genre known as Electro-Chamber music.


Iridas was formed in 2015 by composer/producer/instrumentalist Matt Smith, in an effort to give voice to his demanding musical style. Matt met Sean Lyons and Megan Shung while they were in school together at the Cleveland Institute of Music receiving classical training. Mikala Schmitz, who also attended the Cleveland Institute of Music, replaced cellist Pierre Derycz in 2017.  Having developed a taste for pop music, the young musicians sought to find a meaningful interface between the two worlds and began performing as an ensemble one part classical piano quartet and one part rock band, with a dash of live electronic dance music.

The Iridas sound, shaped primarily by composer Matt Smith, reaches deep into music history for influences. The lush harmonies and colors of Maurice Ravel combined with the rhythmic and textural intricacy of Gyorgy Ligeti are apparent in his orchestral and chamber music, but pop music’s sensual, psychedelic underbelly make an appearance as well; jazz fusion, alternative rock, and the LA beat scene have all made an impact. The result is unrecognizable simply as classical crossover - Iridas is something new.


Living Things EP - February 2014

Set List

Instant Zen (from EP Living Things)
Turn (from EP Living Things)
Ursa (from EP Living Things)
Prism Goggles (from EP Living Things)
Synchronicity (unreleased single)
True Love Waits - Radiohead Cover 
approx. 35 minutes