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Huntington, New York, United States | INDIE

Huntington, New York, United States | INDIE
Band Pop Rock


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Kiss My Heart"

Jan. 15, 2002


KMH) What does the name Iridesense mean? How did the band come about?

IR) In the dictionary "iridecence" we spell it iridesense, means the interplay of lustrous colors that produces a rainbow. I chose this name because of that beautiful image. Our name "iridesense" is also a interplay but, of your senses: sight, sound, and feel. That’s also why we spell it differently, if you break it down it’s I-Ride-Sense. Our music grabs hold of every one of your senses, it’s the ultimate experience.

KMH) Are you all original members? If not, who came in when?

IR) Rick, Rob, Elsa, and I started the band back in 1993. I guess you could consider us the original members. We had other drummers but no one really clicked until we met Rich. Rich joined in 1994-95 and has been with us ever since. Elsa is no longer in the band but she used to sing backup and play percussion, she actually on our first cd "Cool Dream Tomorrow".

KMH) What inspires the band’s music?

IR) Life, everyday experiences, conversations, dreams, and inner thoughts. Our songs express so much about us and we just love playing music together.

KMH) What type of music do you play? Who is your audience?

IR) We try to describe are music by coming up with our own creations like eclectic/electric rock or popcore, but the best and simpliest way to describe our music is rock’n’roll (with a pop twist). Our audience is any age group because our fans range from 8-80 years old, and I’m not kidding. But if I had to narrow it down I’d probably say from 13-30 years old.

KMH) What goes through your mind the hour before you go on stage?

IR) We try to stay focused but have fun, and get into a good vibe with each other. We chat with different frieds who came to see us. We all get prepared by tuning our instruments (we don’t have roadies yet) and I always warm up my voice by doing vocal exercises.

KMH) With four albums out, are you planning on releasing a fifth? If so, is there an expected release date?

IR) We will be recording some new material in the upcoming months, which we will be available for our fans, as a song EP. As far as a full lengh cd, I don’t know we shall see.

KMH) What types of venues do you enjoy playing at?

IR) We love playing in NYC!! Especially at venues like The Bitter End, Arlene Grocery, and The Mercury Lounge. We also like playing at coffee shops acoustically, so people can hear our songs in a different way. We love to travel and there’s alot of great places out of state. We’ve played in Boston, Philadelphia, ew Orleans, Virginia, and we’re going to Kentucky this Spring!!

KMH) How many times a week does the band practice? Are there separate sessions for songwriting as opposed to "getting tight?"

IR) We practice 3 times a week. Two days are usually spent getting the set tight and working out the kinks. Then one day we usually write, and arrange new songs. We all collaborate on our new songs, which ones we like and which ones need work. The ideas are always flowing, we all give our input. The basic core ofthe song is done before we bring it to practice. Rick and I are the primary songwriters so we both write the music and lyrics on our own.

KMH) How did you all gain your personal preference on which brands of instruments you use?

IR) We’ve all been playing for years so it’s a matter of knowing what sound you like and trying different instruments out. I used to play a Fender Jazz Bass and now I play a Sterling Ernie Ball Music Man and I like it alot better. Rich plays Yamaha drums and Sabian cymbals. Rick plays a Gibson Les Paul guitar and a hollow body Epiphone. Rob plays a Fender Telecaster and a Gibson Les Paul.

KMH) Please add anything else here.

IR) "Remember don’t forget be who you are, reach out your hand and grab hold of your star"-Tara Eberle We’d love for you to check out our website at - Good Times

"Iridesense signs with Paradiddle Records"

December 21, 2006 - Rafer Guzman,0,7672397.column

looks like Santa has smiled on Rick Eberle, the former Downtowner and current Donkeyite. His long-running band Iridesense has signed a deal (finally!) with local label Paradiddle Records. If you remember Paradiddle’s tribute album "Bob Dylan Uncovered," that was Iridesense covering "One More Cup of Coffee (Valley Below)." The folks at Paradiddle liked it so much they’ve agreed to release an album of Iridesense originals due in the spring, according to Eberle. Check out paradiddlerecords .com to hear Iridesence’s cover of "Do They Know It’s Christmas." - Newsday

"Home Grown - Music from Long Island bands mix local sensibilities with world-style sound."

January 3, 2007 - Lisa Quintela

From Huntington to Syosset to Levittown, Long Island has been a breeding ground for generations of famed musicians such as Billy Joel, the late Harry Chapin, Pat Benatar, Joan Jett and Dee Snider of the rock band Twisted Sister. Maybe it’s something in the water, but this ineffable local phenomena is just as strong as ever, and today’s Long Island-based bands and musicians are poised to take their place among their famous musical predecessors.

At the glitzy inaugural induction ceremony of the Long Island Music Hall of Fame in October 2006, Hicksville, N.Y. native Billy Joel noted that Long Island was a “clash of cultures,” and an “island of extremes,” housing everyone from Albert Einstein to Joey Buttafuoco. The same can be said of its music scene, which boasts an equally varied range of genres, stretching from death metal and jazz-pop to grunge and glam-rock.

Studio Space
It’s easy for Long Island’s music scene to be overlooked because of its close proximity to Manhattan, where concerts are a dime a dozen and bands can be as generic and fleeting as yellow taxis. However, it’s this lack of anonymity in Long Island’s music scene that prevents its musicians from getting lost in the shuffle; and instead enables them to develop a local and loyal fan base. Long Island radio stations WBAB and WLIR, who used to play Joan Jett’s music at a time when most major labels rejected her, still continue to give unsigned local artists significant airtime.

Nobody’s benefited from this kind of exposure more than the self-proclaimed “pop-core pioneers” of Iridesense, a brother and sister fronted band in the vein of No Doubt and K’s Choice, that has gained respectful following from fans and local musicians alike for the past 13 years." (Listen to Iridesense’s Love or Hate)

“We used to play with all the same bands. We got to know each other and formed a camaraderie, and we’re also happy to give advice to other bands who may be starting out—and that’s what the Long Island scene is about,” says lead vocalist Tara Eberle, whose earnest belts are accented by her brother Rick Eberle and band mate Rob Viccari’s strong guitar riffs.

Unlike most Manhattanites, the Eberles, who hail from a musical family, had the luxury of a basement in their family home where they could practice—a key ingredient in the Long Island musical mix, according to comments by Billy Joel. Another reason for Iridesense’s success is that they’ve remained together for so long, and have “stuck it out,” as Tara says, adding that, “we’ve also stayed true to our music, and won’t compromise on our dream, despite the current trend and interest in Emo music,” a subgenre of hardcore punk music that’s associated with open displays of strong emotion. - Canvas


"A Trip Called Life" (Paradiddle Records 2008)
"Cool Dream Tomorrow" (Rock Diva Records)
"Iridesense" (LLJ Records)
"Gasoline" (PopCore Recordings)
Featured in the Paradiddle Records Dylan compilation "Uncovered
Featured in the Raven Records Beatles compilation "Beatlejuice"
Featured in the Indie Talent Services Compilation "2002"
Featured in the Gold Records Music compilation "Unleashed"
Featured in the On Top Management compilation ".1"
Featured in the Music Search Compilation "1997"
Featured in the Music Search Compilation "1998"
Featured in the L.I.M.C compilation ".1"
Featured in the L.I.M.C compilation "911-2"
Featured in the L.I. Voice compilation "Jilted"
Featured in the Rodell Records compilation "Diamonds in the Rough"

Here is a brief history of what came before:


IntelFest - NYC
National Musicians Showcase - NYC, NY
EAT’M Conference - Las Vegas, NV
Canadian Music Week - Toronto, Canada
Route 1 South Music Conference - Richmond, VA
Played at NY Islanders Game @ Nassau Coliseum, LI, NY
Cutting Edge Music Conference - New Orleans, LA
Played with Women in Rock Showcase @ Cutting Room, NYC
Played with City Canyons Showcase @ Village Underground, NYC
Played the BMI Showcase @ Living Room and Hotel Galvez, NYC
Played the USA Songwriting @ Red Lion, NYC
Philadelphia Music Conference - Philadelphia, PA
Rock N’ Mania Benefit - Knitting Factory, NYC

Tracks licensed to MTV Networks 07 slate
Tracks licensed to Song and Film agency
Tracks licensed to Pump Audio
Tracks licensed to Nickelodeon
FOX 5 Good Day NY Spotlight NYC, NY
NEWS 12 Interview LI, NY
Tracks licensed to Oxygen Media
Tracks licensed to MTV Real World/Road Rules
one of the NY Winners and National Semifinalist for Z100 radio in the Radio Star Contest Impulse Section feature with The Slack Pack
WLIR Interview with Harlan Friedman "Tristate Sound"
WLIR Interview with Bob, Taryn and Joe "Munchaba LIVE"
WLIR Interview with Brian Mannix "Tristate Sound"
WBAB Features on "Homegrown"
Q104 Feature with Jonathan Clarke, "Out Of The Box"
Radio play on over 50 College stations including: WUSB, WCWP, WRHU
Featured on "The Joe Show", Queens, NY
Featured on "Spotlight NY", LI, NY
Featured on "Streamring Networks", LI, NY
Featured on "LT1", LI, NY
Featured on "LT1: The Jill Morrison Show", LI, NY
Big Sympathy Video (director Nils Nissen)
Dangerous Video (director Nils Nissen)

Played with Spin Doctors @ The Downtown, LI, NY
Played with Blue Oyster Cult @ Brookhaven Ampitheatre, LI, NY
Played with Eddie Money @ Brookhaven Ampitheatre, LI, NY
Played with Edwin McCain @ The Downtown, LI, NY
Played with Gin Blossoms @ The Downtown, LI, NY
Played with Something Corporate @ The Downtown, LI, NY
Played with Tiffany @ The Downtown, LI, NY
Played with Tonic @ The Downtown, LI, NY
Played with Sugar Ray @ Stony Brook University, LI, NY
Played with Fountains Of Wayne @ The Vanderbilt, LI, NY
Played with Lucinda Williams in LA, CA
Played with Fefe Dobson @ The Downtown, LI, NY
Played with Brian VanderArk of The Verve Pipe @ The Downtown, LI, NY
Played with Men At Work @ The Downtown, LI, NY
Played with Duncan Sheik @ The Downtown, LI, NY
Played with Matt Nathanson @ The Downtown, LI, NY
Played with Ours @ Mulcahys, LI
Played with Sev @ The Vanderbilt, LI, NY
Played with Nine Days @ Shine, Battery Park and Nitengales NYC, Mulcahys, The Downtown and The Spot, LI, NY
Played with Antigone Rising @ The Downtown, LI, NY and The Bitter End NYC
Played with Stage @ Mercury Lounge, NYC and Mulcahys, LI
Played with The Tea Party @ The Westbeth Theatre, NYC
Played with Royston Langdon of Spacehog @ Arlene Grocery, NYC
Played with Corey Glover of Living Colour @ The Downtown, LI, NY
Played with Ronnie Spector @ The Downtown, LI, NY
Played with Bootleg Beatles @ The Downtown, LI, NY
Played with The Fab Faux @ The Downtown, LI, NY
Played with Randy Jackson of Zebra @ The Downtown, LI, NY
Played with Berlin @ The Downtown, LI, NY
Played with The Fixx @ Bridgeview, LI, NY
Played with The Alarm @ The Vanderbilt, LI, NY & The Downtown, LI, NY
Played with Modern English @ NCI, LI, NY
Played with The Bogmen @ Bogies, Albany, NY
Played with Tower of Power @ Stephen Talkhouse, LI, NY



Once in a while a truly original and inspired act breaks through the mold and creates change through music. At it's true core, Iridesense is a celebration of sounds. From Rock and pop, to psychedelic, folk and post-punk/new wave their music is unparalleled and unique. Brother and Sister Rick and Tara Eberle's uplifting and thoughtful lyrics easily inspire, and they sing with harmonic intricacies and counterpoints as their rhythm and bass guitars dance and crunch. The lead guitar riffs of Rob Viccari and drum rhythms of Rich Drouin create a bed of melody and weave the sound together in a steady flow and it's all fused together creating one of the most intoxicating and invigorating aural experiences you can or ever will find. It all comes together in their new CD "A Trip Called Life".

Their music can currently be heard on Nickelodeon in the shows Zoe 101 (featuring Jaime Lynn Spears - sister to Britney) and Drake & Josh and will be featured on next years roster of MTV shows such as Pimp My Ride, Room Raiders, NEXT and more! They also recently signed licensing deals with the Pump Audio and Song and Film agencies