Irie Révoltés

Irie Révoltés


Nine musicians from four countries with an unmistakable and powerful mix of reggae, ska, rock and hip hop teamed up with critical French and German lyrics. And what a success: Over 400 concerts in 10 countries and the sale of the debut album “Voyage” has almost reached the 10000 mark.


Irie Révoltés rocks every stage with a powerful statement.

Hip hop, ska, reggae and dance hall: a mixture that crosses frontiers and breaks all inhibitions.

With their socially critical lyrics often French and sometimes German, rapped here and chanted there, they see themselves as a part of a global movement not wanting to just observe the injustices of our planet in silence.

The new album “Mouvement Mondial” is now ready for launching just in time for the festival season that is about to begin. Almost 10000 copies of their debut album “Voyage” have already been sold.

Over 400 concerts in 10 countries tell the story of this legendary live band. And there are even more out there waiting follow the rebels call.


2003 Les Deux Côtés
2006 Voyage
Coming in Summer 2010: Mouvement Mondial

2006 Soleil
2008 Viel zu tun
2009 Zeit ist Geld