Irino Plays Guitar

Irino Plays Guitar


An alternative artist in the truest since, IRINO is one of the most energetic performing artists today. Described as funky, soulful, jazzy, electrifying, rockalicious and just plain bad, IRINO's charisma will invite the attention of all your senses.


Throughout the past three decades, IRINO's sterling musicianship as a master guitarist has afforded him the opportunity to work with renown artists like Bob Marley & th Wailers, Burning Spear, The O'Jays, The Jets, Peter Tosh, Bankie Banks, Sparrow, Jimmy Buffet, and Destiny's Child just to name a few. He writes his own music and lyrics, produces and not only plays guitar but plays bass, keyboards and drums.

Check out his mixture for "groove gumbo" which consists of a cup of reggae for the conscious mind, a dash of rock for some organized confusion, a teaspoon of jungle for when you need to walk on the wild side, a pinch of jazz to set the mood and a smidgeon of funk for that added flavor.

So come savor the flavor as "IRINO PLAYS GUITAR" for you with a musical message that feeds the soul.


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Set List

Jazz-Fusion, funk, rock and jazz standards