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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Iris Divine MetalSucks review"

"In just MySpace lead-track “Unspoken Tragedy” there’s elements of Dream Theater, Pantera, Avenged Sevenfold, Porcupine Tree, and Queensryche, seemingly disparate influences, but somehow it all works. It’s un-pretentious prog-metal with a very creative edge, really unique chord progressions and arrangements, first-class musicianship and a knack for songwriting to bring it all together...they're just really good"


"Iris Divine EP review by"

"Iris Divine...truly know what song structure means. 4 members with a very high level of musicianship, Iris Divine will leave you impressed with their transitions between, some of the bluesiest rock n roll, to some of the chunkiest metal hell of a ride, with a ton of ups and downs. They are one hell of a crossover. The influences are just too many (Dream Theater, Porcupine Tree, Alice In Chains, Rush and so many more) and the guys pull it off...These guys could shape up a great following and could easily release a classic down the line. Did I mention that they KICK ASS on their instruments?"

"Iris Divine EP review by"

"Iris Divine...really know how to mix prog and heavy metal with pop music and alternative rock. This selftitled EP show us just a little bit of their capabilities and musical talent. With strong and soft/sweet vocals when needed, a very tight and powerful rhythm section; the guitar solos are awesome in technique, melody and structure, and the riffs are hard and contagious...from melancholy and sweetness to rage and aggression. The vocal harmonies are very well assembled...with hooks. GREAT JOB!!

"Iris Divine MetalSucks endorsement"

"Iris Divine are a band with an immense amount of raw musical and songwriting talent...this band can grow into something truly special and unique that transcends anything we know today. Think a career arc like genre-busting bands such as Between the Buried and Me, Tool or Radiohead...Iris Divine are the kind of band that two or three albums down the road are going to be leaps and bounds better than any of today’s scene bands can ever be." -

"Iris Divine EP review by Rising Forces USA"

"Fueled by an explosive mix of melodic modern rock riffs and slabs of heavy metal hellfire...the vocals are brilliantly sung with bell clear
harmonies...The time changes hit you so unexpectedly...It’s complex, catchy, balls out heavy, and all topped off by verses and a chorus you can easily sing along with...Iris Divine has made one hell of a brilliant EP. Rating: 5 stars out of 5" -

"Iris Divine SMASH Internet Radio endorsement"

"Broken (Arms of Heaven)...great song! stellar all everything, one of
best tunes i have heard here at iacmusic or pretty much anywhere, this
tune rocks...seriously great musicianship...My personal pick to take
the category they are entered in [2009 Hard Rock/Metal Entries]." -

"Iris Divine live review by Prosaic Paradise"

"Next up was Iris Divine. This band is one of those “why aren’t these guys pulling in a thousand folks at the Ram’s Head” bands that as progressive rock fans we get to see amongst a crowd of 100...the energy in their performance was tops and I am almost always a sucker
for vocal harmonies...Definitely swinging towards the melodic, Iris
Divine should honestly have a broad appeal that genre-worship can’t suppress." -

"Iris Divine endorsement by producer Kevin 131"

“I dig these guys. Totally kick ass. IRIS DIVINE are a breath of fresh air... just when you think you have heard every heavy riff possible, and every sort of melodic band out there, these guys come along with heavy riffs, melodic sections and math metal! And the part I love best, the vocals!...Almost like some old rock/ r&b vibe, guys that can actually sing and hit the vibe. I'll listen to this stuff
till it burns out on my Ipod.” -


single (recorded, mixed and produced by Kevin 131 at Assembly Line Studios):
1. Broken (Arms of Heaven)

Iris Divine EP (recorded by Farhad Hossain, mixed by Kevin 131 at Assembly Line Studios):
1. Unspoken Tragedy
2. Intention Experiment
3. Halfway To Nowhere
4. Iris Divine

- Broken (Arms of Heaven) and Unspoken Tragedy have received streaming/ Internet airplay

Our Double EP entitled "Convergence" is complete, Featuring new songs including Into Ashes, Breathing Sulfur, The Seeker, Among Strangers and more...



Iris Divine. The name is hard to define.... at once spiritual, beautiful and powerful – a reflection of the lyrics and music of one of the best-kept secrets in unsigned metal.

Iris Divine is a modern rock/metal band with progressive elements and diverse influences ranging from hard rock to metal. The band has a sound that can be radio-friendly and accessible, with big vocal hooks, vocal harmonies and heavy riffs, but also challenges the listener with a unique technical edge and masterful solos.

The single Broken (Arms of Heaven) encompasses all of these elements in 4 minutes of powerful composition, bringing together moody acoustic verses and a huge riff-driven rock chorus topped off by a guitar solo forged for the Guitar Hero generation.

The story begins in 1999, Farhad and Navid knew of each other as local musicians through a common friend but hadn’t actually met. Fast forward a few years later and the two became friends, athough each of us continued playing in different bands. By 2008, the two, both lead singer/guitarist/songwriters in our respective projects, found each other available as both bands had coincidentally dissolved within days of each other.

Our shared tastes of rock and metal conjoined and so the golden opportunity that became iris divine was there before us.

We decided to collaborate and discovered a unique songwriting chemistry, fusing Farhad’s multi-instrumental ability and gift for melody, with Navid’s penchant for powerful metal riffing and prolific composition. Needing a capable rhythm section, we drafted two of Farhad’s former band members. Tanvir and Brian, already a powerful and tightly syncopated unit, came on board to complete the Iris Divine lineup. The band immediately began writing more songs, and playing as many local shows as possible, with anyone, anytime, at any venue. We soon began to develop a reputation among local musicians and fans, and have become one of the best live bands of our kind, in the region.

Iris Divine’s live show delivers the precision of our recorded work, with complex rhythm changes, raw energy and the on-stage movement of an arena-ready heavy rock act. The band has played countless shows in the DC/ Virginia area, has traveled to other states like Delaware, Maryland, New York, and has opened for national acts such as Sonata Arctica, 3 Inches of Blood, Ayurveda and Katatonia.

Ultimately following in the tradition of bands like Tool, Muse and Faith No More, Iris Divine seeks to attract a mainstream audience with uncompromising originality, rather than trying to adapt to whatever happens to be popular this week. Look for more shows, and a new studio recording series from Iris Divine in 2012. In the meantime, check out our debut EP and single Broken (Arms of Heaven), available on iTunes and our recent release, Convergence.

iris divine can be found online at:
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Pending now is our release of Cold, Gravity, In The End and an instrumental entitled "Iris Design", a pun on our namesake.