Iris Leu

Iris Leu


Iris Leu is a Dallas-based singer/songwriter who architects pop-driven songs built upon her years as a classically trained pianist. Imagine Sarah McLachlan but with more youthful bite. A sedative voice fit for the soul-searchers, the Nabokov readers, and the twentysomething mindset.


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update: 10-15-08
i just restrung the violin, i'm going back to my purist roots and writing for those instruments that take a lot of coaxing to shake your hand back. if you ask me, my fave is still the cello. mom put me on piano at age 4 b/c all the neighborhood kids were picking it up, and when everyone stopped at 18 to pursue academics, i had become quite fond of the piano and didn't know how to drop it. i don't know how to play the guitar.

update: 09-07-08
on a whim, went on a two-months solo tour across the US in late 2007. heard a lot of great stories from preachers to prostitutes and everyone in-between. sat down that winter and in sobering climate wrote 40 songs. 10 were recorded this year with producer todd pipes (deep blue something), and we're looking at a jan 2009 release. it's titled "hushaboo" and it comes from stephen king's "the dark tower" series.

what else would you like to know? just ask. ok.


hushaboo (full-lengthened) - to be released january 2009

permanent transient (EP) - january 2007

songs from "pt" are on pandora,, and have been played in colleges from texas to pennsylvania.

Set List

set list length: 45 mins up to 3 hours.

i play my music.
beck's music. rilo kiley's.
japanese folk tunes. french pop.