iristho en parodo

iristho en parodo

 Athens, Attica, GRC

“iristho en parodo” is a world music ensemble from Athens. Since 2005 “iristho en parodo” have been appearing live at many concerts and festivals and they have published their first album "istrilasia" (Legend-El Capitan 2010).Today they are preparing their next album and organizing their next gigs.


The sound and music of “iristho en parodo” is the result of the coming together of six musicians with varied musical backgrounds, into an experimental and alternative musical group that in time (en parodo) will offer its audience a complete and sincere musical offering, with the main component being the personal tone-color, the multitude of rhythm and the strong improvisational mood.
“iristho en parodo” formed in Athens in 2005 improvising music from the world-jazz scene but also music of the Mediterranean as well as jazz standards. Music as a means of communication can play a significant role in forming a common language between people. Aspects of identity that characterize any ethnic group pass through that group’s music and so the music acts as an exchange of cultures evolving music worldwide. Music is by nature a living thing that evolves reflecting the times.
Over the past six years “iristho en parodo” have been appearing live at concerts and festivals. In May of 2008 they were selected to represent Greece in the 8th European Jazz Festival organized by the Municipality of Athens at “Technopolis”.
Today they write their own music, sharing with the public their musical ‘images’ in their first personal album “istrilasia”. At the same time they are preparing new compositions that will be heard in their upcoming live performances and their next album


istrilasia ( El capitan 2010)
#2 (free download demo cd - 2007 CC)

Set List

2.akrotiri geraki tis Eleonoras
6.Bass Man requiem
7.Waves of the sand
9.13 moons