Irka Mateo y La Tirindanga

Irka Mateo y La Tirindanga

 Brooklyn, New York, USA

Irka Mateo is Caribbean whirlwind, delivering songs that celebrate the music, history, and culture of her beloved Caribbean and Latin America. Her songs bring to the world the deep-rooted sounds of this wonderful region of our planet. With an amazing voice and charismatic performances-- supported by her stellar band La Tirindanga –she fills the dance floors with healing and happy energy, moving the hearts and feet of those in attendance with her joyful celebration of Mestizo music.


Irka Mateo sings and writes “Mestizo Music” songs inspired by the Taino/ Afro/ European folk traditions of her native Dominican Republic. Her trailblazing work includes prolific output as a singer-songwriter and folklorist. Her love of the peasant population--bearers of the ancient culture--led her to travel ten years in the rural areas of the Dominican Republic uncovering and documenting over thirteen genres of folk music and Taino cultural traditions. Her research was recognized by the Grammy Foundation, which supported her creation of a Dominican folk music archive.

Her current musical work includes the upcoming release of "Vamo a Gozá" Album on November 16 2017 at Atrium Lincoln Center, NYC. This new work embraces the accordion genres of the wider Caribbean and Latin America. With all this Irka’s aim is to erect a cultural bridge to these countries sharing a common historical past; one anchored in Afro/ Indigenous /European cultures.

Anacaona, her previous solo work from 2009, showcased the Brazilian music influences that she cultivated for over a decade, as well as the Caribbean bolero, Taino, and Dominican folk music, which got to the Top 10 in Canada and Spain, in World Music radio stations and got extensive radio play around the world.

As a result of her wide-ranging accomplishments, the Dominican Commissioner of Culture in New York, Carlos Sánchez, awarded her a “Life Achievement” award in 2012.

Irka Mateo is, and remains, a traveler who has lived and developed her artistic vision in the Dominican Republic, Spain, France, Brazil, Quebec,Canada and the United States. She is fluent in Spanish, English, French and Portuguese. She is currently based between Los Angeles , CA and  Brooklyn, NY in  the United States.

Key Performances:

USA – 2017- 2012

United Palace, NYC

Ford Theater, LA

Club Bonafide, NYC

Joe's Pub, NYC

Subrosa, NYC

United Nations Headquarters, NYC

Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of the American Indian, NYC

Louis Armstrong Museum, NYC


Colombia 2015

Mercado Cultural del Caribe, Cartagena

Mexico – 2005-2006

Festival de la Primavera, Mexico City
Teatro Benito Juárez, Mexico City
Festival del Caribe, Veracruz

Cuba/St. Kitts – 2005-2006

Festival of Fire, Santiago de Cuba
Carifesta VII, St Kitts

Canada – 1991-1996

Montreal Jazz Festival ( 3 Editions)
Ottawa International Jazz Festival
Festival Cultures Canada, Ottawa
Hull Jazz & Blues Festival
Multi-Montreal World Music Festival
Rimouski Jazz Festival
Baie Comeau Jazz Festival
L'air Du Temps
Club Balattou
Tour Montreal Maisons de Culture

Dominican Republic 1997-2007
 Dominican folk music research in the countryside
Centro Cultural de la Embajada de España, Santo Domingo
Feria del Libro, Santo Domingo
Centro Leon, Santiago

Haiti– 1996
Opened for The Fugees, Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Cafe Des Arts

Dominican Republic – 2014-1995
African Caribbean Pacific Festival
Centro de Cultura de la Embajada de España
Jazz Heineken Festival
Day of Europe Celebration , European Union Casa de Bastidas
Opening Bienal de Artes Visuales. Museo de Arte Moderno
Opening for Sergio Mendes & Brazil 88

Brazil –1994
Teatro San Pedro
Centro das Artes Mario de Andrade
Teatro 7 de April, Brazil


1-Irka & Tadeu "Tres Americas"

Silence Records, Montreal , Canada

As Solo Artist

2-- "Anacaona", 2009

3- "Vamo a Goza"  coming out in 2017


Set List

1. Pecao Aciguatao
2. Liborio
3. Hombre de la Tierra
4. Vamo a Goza
5. Magia
6. Beso a Beso
7. Tainos
8. Ojos Metralla
9. Corazón

10. Temprano en la Madrugá
11. Palenquera