Lil iROCC Williams

Lil iROCC Williams

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A Resounding Voice For A Now Generation Created to Praise, Called to Minister, Chosen to Represent


iROCC - "Young Bishop of the South"

• 2006 Atlanta Gospel Choice Award Winner – Holy Hip Hop Artist of the Year
• 2006 Double Stellar Award Winner –
o Best Rap/Hip-Hop CD of the Year * Best Children’s Performance of the Year
• 2004 Stellar Award Winner – Best Children’s Performance of the Year
• 2004 Urban Gospel Alliance – Best New Artist of the Year
• 2004 Dove Nominee- Best Rap/Hip-Hop Album of the Year

Music sets the tone and directs the mood of any situation. It’s driving beats and repetitious message are shaping the minds of our youth. While many of our youth find it challenging to quote the books of the bible or memorize a verse beyond John 3:16; they can without hesitation or effort verbally and physically illustrate the chronicles of the latest chart topping hip-hop/R&B hit.
In an effort to not mimic the world but to set a standard God has raised up a young man with a message in his music delivered with relevance and in excellence. iroCc: whose name stands for his daily declaration - I Rely On Christ completely - is a commanding and bold hip-hop artist with a strong voice, infectious stage presence and fervor for God and music. His life reflects the call to be a young warrior for Christ. And through his music, iroCc challenges today's youth and the body of Christ as a whole; to adhere to a higher standard of positive living. That message is heard loud and clear through the messages in his music and his passionate life lived.
iroCc achieved widespread success and recognition with his debut self-titled CD In 2003 on EMI CMG; encompassing his debut with a Stellar Award and a Dove Nomination. From the moment his sophomore offering THE SEQUEL hit the streets it was destined to make a mark and solidify the young phenom as a solid artist within the music industry. The Sequel - was the continuation of a God thing in music and ministry. As always, iroCc delivers Hip-Hop that speaks life and delivers a message to the masses. This project is laced with diverse urban and contemporary tracks that provide the pulse for these songs from the heart of a maturing and guided young man. The Sequel exemplified the developing lyrical and execution skills of this hip hop phenomenon. iroCc entered into an elite category by walking away a double Stellar Award winner at the 2006 Stellar Awards; Best Rap/Hip-Hop CD of the Year and Best Children’s Performance of the Year.
He has ignited the stage with the likes of MARY, MARY, Deitrick Haddon, Kirk Franklin, Tobymac, Donnie McClurkin and many others. He is also a familiar and welcome invitation to Youth Conference/events across the world; Billy Graham Greater L.A. Crusade Megafest, Full Gospel, National Convocation, FICWFM, Tom Joyner Family Reunion and even Oslo Soul Children Fest in Oslo, Norway as well as DAEGU Korea. iroCc has managed to capture the hearts of millions as his presence and anointing are felt even through the TV screen through such platforms as, IGospel, SteelRoots, GoodDay Atlanta, TBN, WORD and the legendary SOUL TRAIN.
Though the worldwide recognition and industry accolades are great -- the main ingredient to iroCc is his obedience and desire to show his friends and peer group his love for Christ and that as in his own words that - God is cool to be down with! Since beginning this awesome journey in 2002 at the tender of age of 12; iroCc has immensely grown and matured both in the industry and spiritual realms. After an amicable release from EMI CMG in 2004; iroCc continued on with his assignment in a bold manner by establishing his own label imprint with national distribution; out of the mouth and heart of a ‘babe’ – Authority Music was birthed. As always his family stands; specifically Big ROCC positioned as the cornerstones to his foundation.
iroCc is also entering into the arenas of philanthropy and missions; understanding that he is called to the nations; God is using iroCc tremendously all over the world. Missions work is close to his heart and in keeping with that he is an active supporter and will be taking his first short-term missionary trip this year. iroCc supports Third Day International Ministries and their efforts to aid disabled young people in Ghana, West Africa. Also as a native of New Orleans, iroCc was heartbroken and deeply affected by the travesties of Hurricane Katrina and her aftermath. iroCc channeled those emotions and answered the call and in conjunction with Higher Dimension in Houston, TX pastored by Pastor Terrance Johnson; has established the iroCc-Higher Dimension Scholarship Fund to aid still abandoned/displaced young Katrina victims by sponsoring them to receive quality and loving Christian education.

iroCc is mandated and destined to launch beyond the youth ministry and on to the masses. iroCc will release his 3rd SPRING 2007. Keep an eye out; it is sure to be phenomenal.
At an age when most children have far less serious things on their minds, iroCc is clearly a young man with a deep sense o


MO HEAT 4 Da Streets - LIMITED EDITION EP - Digital Download ONLY
Lil iROCC Williams - The Sequel - 10/04
Authority Music/Whitaker-Anchor)
2006 Double Stellar Award Winner
Best Rap/Hip-Hop CD of the Year
Best Children's Performance of the Year

Lil iROCC Williams - June 24, 2003 EMI CMG
2004 Stellar Award Winner
Single releases:
"All My People"
"Next Generation Hip Hop"
"No Tears"

Set List

45min set