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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Grindwhore 666: Live and Other Shit"

Having already blazed a cd trail of chaos and insanity, K–W grindcore legends/necro Viking warriors Iron Bitchface have released a dvd that successfully captures the band’s depraved and anti–PC–fuck–everybody–who– can’t–take–a–joke mentality.
Grindwhore 666 is a collection of live sets and behind the scenes goofing around. The program is presented as a live show edited together from numerous concerts. The editing is tight and many times quite humorous. I love how lead screamer K–Rot’s introductions to songs are replayed verbatim from show to show and played up for laughs. For example, on the song “Bryan” K–Rot informs the audience “this next song is about a guy named Bryan. It’s called Bryan” — which is replayed from numerous shows over and over again.
Iron Bitchface don’t give a shit if you like them. The point is to try and be as noisy and aggravating as possible. Songs with titles such as “Emo Fags Suck” would seem to point towards ignorance, but ignorance and hate are not the point. Revelling in political incorrectness and making people uncomfortable is the main focus. To which I respond: refreshing! Punk rock and metal are so white washed right now that we need bands like Iron Bitchface to tell some of us ultra–serious types to fuck off.
Also included on the disc is a complete Iron Bitchface set (totalling an epic length for the band: 17 minutes) from the Circus Room in Kitchener (Dec. 2003). My favourite moment from this show is watching the unsuspecting crowd members when IBF plays — especially the drunk old guy who wants to hear Slayer’s “Southside [sic] of Heaven.” Priceless! [ES]

- echo weekly

"Haunting the Kathedral"

By Laura Wiebe Taylor

Haunting the Kathedral Independent
Haunting the Kathedral does an excellent job capturing the live essence of Iron Bitchface — even without visuals the chaos is pretty well portrayed. Comprising ten tracks, including classics like “Haunted Black Metal is Grim,” the
album still only clocks in at a whirlwind seven minutes and 49 seconds. That means you need to pay attention because each song ends before it’s barely begun, in true grind(c/wh)ore style. The band’s live sound relies a lot more
on guitars and drums than Fuck Your Mother’s Arm; in fact, the set captured here doesn’t use keyboards at all. The result is a less digital, more metal Iron Bitchface that actually works out really well. Great for a short blast of insanity
or to throw on repeat mode and annoy your neighbours. [LT] - echo weekly

"Fuck Your Mother's Arm Review"

Grind - bad grind, too. But, the one saving factor of the demo, that makes you want to listen to it again every once in a while, is that it's hilarious. I mean, imagine A.C. with an ego and you have IRON BITCHFACE. This band is pretty much the next ANAL CUNT, for sure. There's a niche for this stuff, and hopefully the band can find it. Best song title: "Songs With Gay in the Title Are Gay." - metal hordes

"Bands Rock the Circus Room"

Although the first people started coming before 9:00pm they had to wait until 10:30 pm for the first band, Kitchener's Iron BItchface, came on stage.

The band, however, had fun playing it's twisted grindcore music with funny lyrics which was appreciated by the audience that often laughed at the jokes of K-Rot, the band's vocalist. Some of their songs were no longer then 10 seconds and Rot attracted alot of attention by uttering various noises and throwing his microphone on the floor. - Conestoga College Spoke Newspaper

"March Metal Madness"

There’s no better way to celebrate the death of
winter than with some blood curdling metal.
The Circus Room has lots of it this Saturday as
Iron Bitchface (Kitchener grind–whore), Fuck
the Facts (Ottawa bastardized grindcore), Dead
of Winter (Kitchener black metal) and Slit
Writhing Elizabeth (Toronto death grind) share
the ring at the big top.
Iron Bitchface’s K–Rot has resigned himself to
the fact that his band will be the next
teeny–bopper sensation. And if Avril Lavigne
publicly comes out and announces that Iron
Bitchface is her favourite band (a declaration that would probably do her ratings good too),
that just may happen. Iron Bitchface is K–Rot’s
noise rock project that he started in 2001 to
record an album for a friend’s birthday present.
K–Rot can’t understand what is wrong with the
world because it seems there is a niche for
grind–whore and Iron Bitchface has been trying
to meet that demand with self–recorded
releases on their own Slut Factory Records
every since.
“I do the recording on the albums,” says
K–Rot, “but there are other members when we
play live. I scream, occasionally play guitar and
other various noises and random instruments
that are within arm’s reach. Grimothy plays
guitars and backing vocals and Dr. Crud plays
And the term grind–whore?
“Our sound closest fits in with grindcore but
also “whores” together a lot of other genres.”
According to K–Rot, every show is a rehearsal
and the songs can be different every time.
“When you are part of an incompetent noise
rock combo even the band isn’t too sure what
to expect,” he points out. “Sometimes we write
new songs on the spot. We’re just up there
making jack asses of ourselves and having
Since the beginning, Iron Bitchface’s mission
statement was “to annoy the fuck out of
everyone in the world.” Strangely though, their
mission backfired when, much to the band’s
surprise, people liked them!
“The idea of wanting to annoy everyone
seems amusing,” admits K–Rot. “It’s a lot
better to be the best of the worst then the worst
of the best. Plus I’m musically incompetent.”
So, if people end up liking you, that’s
essentially failing, right?
“It is like failing; I am a failure at failing. But the
positive aspect to that is it’s still amusing to
have people enjoying the songs too.”
While K–Rot admits that the band has yet to
make it out of Kitchener (“One day we will make it to Waterloo,” he intones), a split album they
did with Boston cyber–grind band The Smile
Adventure has enabled their music to spread
internationally. K–Rot has the emails to prove
that kids around the world enjoy Iron Bitchface,
though even he, the man who named his latest
album Fuck Your Mother’s Arm, admits this is a
scary thought.
And what does K–Rot’s beloved mother think
of the album title?
“My Mom is used to me being an idiot. She’s
usually around while recording. She just rolls
her eyes at me.”
- echo weekly

"Fuck Your Mother's Arm Review/Split with Fuck the Facts Review"

This bands mission statement was "a quest to annoy the fuck out of every one in the world". They may be annoying for some but for those who crave for more insane, noisy, senseless and fucked up noise like me Iron Bitchface is an enjoyable band. This is exactly the very kind of shit that I wanted to make, unfortunately I still cannot find the time to work out on a new band and until I find time to form my own band once again, I'll just satisfy myself with bands like Iron Bitchface.
If you're already wondering what Iron Bitchface music or insanity was all about, it's simply fuckin senseless strumming of the guitars, messy drum programming and just admitted to the mental institution type of vocals. It's as crazy as fuck and totally mindless fucked up noise that I love so much. You might consider Seth and his countless projects gay after listening to this shit.

And to make things even worse K-Rot the bastard behind this insanity even added extra tracks taken from Iron Bitchface's split with fellow Canadian fuckhead Fuck The Facts and those materials showed an even nastier side of K-Rot.
This is the perfect weapon if you want your neighbor to shut their mouth up from complaining about the noise that they often here from your place. Try playing this shit non-stop and they will definitely abandon their house before the day ends. Look out for the men in white suits armed with tranquilizer and straightjacket though. - Tripalium Zine Phillipines

"Fuck Your Mother's Arm Review"

Where to begin? Is the first question that formulated
in my mind when I set down to review this album. This
is the first Iron Bitchface album I've been subjected
to, I'm sure more are on their way (and I can't wait
to hear them). However this isn't your typical album
in any regards! I admire this band for their
uniqueness and for subjecting me to a new style of
music. Music is no longer about how long you can make
a track, but by how short you can make it, yet still
get across all you want in under one minute. The
longest track on this album is a little over 2
minutes,however most of the tracks come in under 40 seconds!
Ya, you're probably sitting there thinking, how can
you even classify a 40 second track as being a song?
Well,why not? I rather listen to 40 seconds of awesome
brutal music then 30 minutes of boring monotonous
sounds - but that's just me. Their music itself is
very harsh bordering on harsh noise, hard rock and
various forms of grind/death metal but yet it seems to
stand its own ground as being uniquely its own style
of music. I love it, but its definitely not for
everyone! The only other band that comes to mind in
the similarities department is another Canadian based band
Fuck The Facts.
Rating: 9/10 - space junkies magazine



-playing with noise
-bryan e.p.


-the aliens are back on the moon and they turned the lights back on
-we're black metal now
-cheer up brad
-split with fuck the facts


-fuck your mother's arm
-split with the smile adventure
-troll porn rock
-haunting the katherdral
-spread the virus


-split with screaming machines, orgasmic tortures and rice and curry
-split with boiling remains
-spread the virus: remixed and mutated
-grindwhore666: live and other shit dvd
-split with vettige kanarie
-split with carnem lavare/scar tissue
-split with kindergaten hazing ritual/riding bikes
-69 album


-split with bitchslicer/abhorred/it will end in pure horror
-kill them for starting the disease 99 track cd
-batwings and battle axes tour dvd
and more

plus re-releases in other countries on some titles


Feeling a bit camera shy


Iron Bitchface can be split up into two completly different entities. The first being the CD recordings and the second being the live show. Even these two categories can be split up into many more sub genres. Iron Bitchface is a music destroying genre of it's own. Dubbed grind-whore666 as the official sound of IBF, the name translated is taking the sound of grind bands such as anal cunt and also whoring in every other genre possible, including black metal, new wave, punk, video games and of course PRINCE!, until the desired sound is achieved.

The band was formed in 2001-2002ish (no traces of an exact date because at the time it seemed insignificant to take note) as something not intended to be heard but more of just messing around with recording. Friends heard the disc, their friends heard it and the project snow balled. To date there are numerous releases all over the world from DIY labels and indie labels. Logically with the "success" of the project, people requested live shows.

Iron Bitchface played their first live show October 26, 2002 to a surprisingly open minded crowd cheering for more. In spirit of the band they took it too far until the crowd shouted for them to get off the stage. This past summer the IBF crew treked across Canada on their Batwings and Battle Axes tour in support of a live DVD they made, the travels consisted of going to Montreal then from there out to Calgary and back home to Kitchener.

The band has been playing around with different formats to mix up the stage set and to avoid ever missing a show. IBF hates to turn down offers and tries their best to play for anyone who asks and have played in huge capacity clubs as well as basements. Iron Bitchface has been known to have 2-3 drummers, played with trained drummers and members who have never been behind the kit before until on stage, use swords and axes, blood, guitar spins, 5 foot drum sticks and whatever else they think will suit the night to entertain themselves and the crowd. They have played acoustic sets as well as karaoke solo sets. Anything goes at an Iron Bitchface show!