Iron Cross

Iron Cross


Iron Cross is the original old school heavy metal sound that metal junkies having been looking for. They are the band your mother warned you about. They are hard, heavy and loud but with a Metal Church meets Iron Maiden punch but a sound that is all their own.


Iron Cross has many influences. They listen to and can play almost anything. They have a music style of their own not following the growler sound but keeping an old school melodic vocal tone to a Metal Church or Trouble type of vocal sound.


Iron Cross - Iron Cross LP
Iron Cross - Die Like That
Iron Cross - Double LP - OPM Records
Iron Cross - Re-release on CD - Iron Glory Records DE.

Set List

Die Like That, Dark Dreams, Bloodlust, Rest In Peace, Halloween, Archangel, Believer Deceiver, S & M Medley, Demons Deciple. Brotherhood, Grim Reaper, Black Limousine, Skeletal Remains, March of the Spiders.
Capable of many different covers.
War Pigs, Cat Scratch Fever, Victim of Changes, The Ripper and many more.