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"IRONHEEL Rocks The Troubadour"

Very rarely does a local band blow me away. Usually, I dig live music and in the moment can totally relate and groove to various bands on stage even if they're truly not that special and most times forget about them the next day. This is NOT the case with Ironheel. I was extremely impressed with both their live sound and incredible stage presence and find myself weeks later in search of their next show.

3 guys out of Venice, CA (Chad, Chris and Jim) have a sound [to me] that stems from the Black Keys, White Stripes with even a little classic Cream and Hendrix mixed in. I was lucky enough to check them out at the Troubadour on April 10th and am a fast fan. The Troubadour can be an intimidating venue to play, with the history and set up (Elton John played his first US show at the Troub, Janis Joplin got her west coast start here among others...) These guys came out and killed it. Believe me, I will be at their next show, this Friday, May 1st at the Key Club and if you'd like more information or to check out their songs, visit their myspace page at -

"IRONHEEL in Classic Rock Magazine"

A power trio in the classic late 60's mould, LA's Ironheel dredge up the dusty narco-bashing of Atomic Rooster and Captain Beyond, adding the LA sparkle of arena-ready rock stardom. Named after Jack London's dystopian sci-fi novel, literary-minded lyrics and power-blooze meld into one intoxicating bolt of groin thunder. - Classic Rock Magazine


~ IRONHEEL the EP - Released: Feb 15th, 2009 on IRONHEEL RECORDS

~ IRONHEEL's first full-length album "The Golden Age" is under production and is due to release in Fall, 2010.



Formed in the summer of 2008 in the world famous Los Angeles rock scene, IRONHEEL is an original power trio bridging classic and modern rock that is bringing great reminders to music lovers that real music with real meaning still exists. The revolutionary-minded lyrics sets the stage of a battle for our own future and freedom in a world torn apart by greed and power and the heavy but bluesy instrumentals puts them in their own league of modern-classic rock.

Singer/Guitarist Chris Ayden, who is heavily influenced by early rock bands such as The Kinks and The Beatles, shares his impacting lyrics through his own style of guitar playing and soulful singing. You'll hear instrumental influences of Queens of The Stone Age and Jimi Hendrix and bluesy vocal influences of Chris Robinson (The Black Crowes) and Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin). Ayden's live performance captivates crowds with his meaningful, storytelling lyrics and his ripping solos always leave people wanting another encore.

Bassist/Vocalist Chad Shlosser comes from a very eclectic musical background. Infusing his love for classic artists such as Led Zeppelin and Arthur Lee and modern artists such as Primus and Muse, he presents a large bass sound and style that you won't see anywhere else. He incorporates modern, synthy bass tones with his own style of finger-picking, strumming and slapping while maintaining classic sounding grooves. Along with his passion to create great harmonies, Chad's energy on stage lets the crowd feel his love for the music and the true connection with the audience.

Drummer Jim Embrescia stems his love of rock through classic bands and artists as well. His style has been commonly compared to Mitch Mitchell (Jimi Hendrix) and Joey Castillo (Queens of the Stone Age) but with a raw power and passion all his own that is seen in his live performance and heard through his "Bonham" size drum sounds on the band's recordings. Jim's passion is seen as he gives every hit more power (sometimes going through 5 pairs of sticks in a night without delay) and shows he is not afraid to experiment new ideas every night.

Since their first public performance at The House of Blues Foundation Room on Hollywood's Sunset Strip in February of 2009, the band has sold out famous venues such as The Viper Room, The Troubadour and The Key Club. The following has shown major support to the new rock scene emerging in Los Angeles and IRONHEEL is coming out on top.

IRONHEEL's first release, IRONHEEL The EP was released Feb 15th, 2009 independently and has spread like wildfire.

The band is currently working on their full-length album, "The Golden Age" and is expected to release in the US in Fall of 2010.

Expect to hear a lot from this band in the next few months and be sure to catch a show as the raw energy and live, freestyle ability of this band makes them a hit at music venues all over.