Iron Horse

Iron Horse


Iron Horse is a 2 piece Western Bop band from Crete, IL. Iron Horse is commonly compared to Johnny Cash and early Elvis Presley. A slapping upright bass, finger picking and "boom chika boom" style guitars, and deep Johnny Cash style vocals are the main attributes of Iron Horse.


Iron Horse is a two piece Western Bop band from Crete, IL. The band consists of two identical twin brothers, Aaron and Carl. At 19 years old, these two boys have been playing this music together since as long as they can remember. Their influences range from Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley to Hank Williams and The Blackwood Brothers. What sets them apart from other rockabilly bands is the passion that they share for their brand of rockabilly they call "western bop".


LP-"Iron Horse- Live at Sun Studio" tracks can be streamed at

Set List

Our set includes mostly covers of popular rockabilly and western songs. One gig typically consists of 3 45 minute sets. We cover many popular Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, and Elvis Presley songs, as well as numerous other artists and country gospel hymms.