ironic 1

ironic 1

BandHip HopSinger/Songwriter

my music is in discription of life's everyday issue's ranging from happy to sad twisted into a form articulate expression


i am a solo artist as well as a group artist. My stage name is ironic and my group name is D.O.S( dedicated to our struggle) i have been playing music since the age of 5 on a organ and guitar i recieved as a birthday gift from my parents. My goal are to become a nationaly acclaimed music producer for some the the greats in the game. I my music influences rage from metallica to scarface to one of my favorite artists jimi hendrix


i have no songs getting airplay at the time i plan on releasing my album later this summer

Set List

my list of songs consist of the music wich currently dominates the music market hip/hop, r&b, gospel, metal, altenative, electronica