Iron Static Overdrive

Iron Static Overdrive

 Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Limitless. Iron Static Overdrive is constantly evolving. The band pushes the limit with it's live show. Constantly exploring new ways to write, record, perform and challenge themselves musically the band is an explosive powerhouse. A machine, the band thrives on constant energy found in themselves.


Influenced by everything and limited by the means they have Iron Static Overdrive is driven to create and explore music like a rover explores a distant planet. Constantly changing. Constantly evolving. New Wave, Thrash Metal, Jazz fusion, Dance, Rock, Math Rock, Jam. All terms have been used to describe an Iron Static Overdrive live performance. The list of influences is endless. A live show never the same. A set list never performed twice, Writing and performing more than recording the energy of the band is captured in the live show. No Bull. Pure Emotion. Awake and Alive.


2009-Human Deleter Machine-Self released EP

Set List

We can play anywhere from 30-120 minutes

Ground Line Hitch
Cromagnon Softwre
Joy Ride
Eat Glass Drink Gas
From Here On Out
Man Alive
Using your turn Signal
Asleep All Day
New Old Car
Mortals and IPs
Eskimo Rodeo
Clouds Roll In