We play traditional, contemporary and original celtic music in a untraditional passionate and energetic way


Influenced by The Pogues, Fairport convention and numerous other folk rock musicians, playing for anything from weddings festivals, parties, dances etc over the years Ironstone now looks to reintroduce some trad celtic music with Industrial Strength passion and fun. Good for dancing, getting involved- Jigs, reels, Rollicking ballads with a “Rock” edge. But if the occasion calls for it we can create a sedate musical atmosphere for more solemn occasions also- e.g. weddings. We can do the ceremony right through to the end of the night. Celtic or medieval weddings are a specialty. We throw in some great covers and a few originals as well for good measure. If your event calls for it we may even be able to bring along some highland dancers. We can also call traditional Australian Bush dancers if that's what you need. We're versatile.


The Chance

Written By: John Roy Wright

The Chance (J R Wright © 2006)

We took a Chance in the still of the night
To open like a flower to the sun
We stand in the dawn of love’s early light
As a witness to what has begun
Our wings slowly dry as we stretch our legs
In the warm light of love’s early rays
And Venus might smile with unearthly delight
When she sees what we’ve planned for the day.

Your smile is a wreath that encircles your head
Like a garland of radiant joy.
Your grace is a dart t’would pierce the heart of any fortunate boy
Your little girl eyes they sparkle and dance
As they leap in a young lady’s face
Your voice has a ring your gait has a swing
Makes me quicken my homeward pace

I will sing my love to the green tree
I will sing to the tear of the sun
I will walk the hill of the poets
To tell of what has begun
I will bathe in the mists of the late night
I will wash in the moon’s early glow
I will ready my spirit to honour
What my heart already knows

A jewel on a petal is the tear on your cheek
I would brush with a tender touch
Your heart’s joy to save with the voice of a wave
I would whisper I love you so much.
I would rise with the dawn with the leap of a fawn
If there was something through that I could give
I would build you a home like the bard’s pleasure dome
With my honour in which we could live

Our truth will decide that which we’ll hide
And what we’ll allow to live
Our honesty build the house on the hill
In which our new love will live
The effort we favour will determine the flavour
The taste of our love every day
Now is the moment, now is the time
To keep it from fading away


Written By: John Roy Wright


Going down to Ballina with you here beside me.
It’s such a nice day to be going away
Say honey did you get my tea
No I won’t have a cup
But it’s good to get away now and then.
I have spent a week away since
I don’t know when.

It’s good to have you here beside me
You’re the lady I feel towards so easily
And most of all that’s the way it is
So let it be.

Sitting down at Cooloongatta underneath a highway tree
My thumb is sore my knees are raw
From beggin’ somebody please
Pick us take us down the road
Just a few K’s more
It’s been almost 32 hours since we left Maroochydore.

And most of all...
It’s good to have you here beside me
You’re the lady I feel towards so easily
And most of all that’s the way it is
So let it be.

Going down to Ballina with you here beside me.
We got a lift as far as Kingsciff
and a bus shelter by the sea
It’s half star rating had us hesitating
but that was it for the night
‘Til the sun changed the story with the morning glory
It turned on for us at first light.

(J R Wright © 2006)


We have a CD called Industrial strength that has had some air play on the Sunshine Coast

Set List

We have over a hundred songs, tunes etc to call on at any one time. However this recent set list may give you an idea- some covers, traditional, originals- sets are usually 40 min long 10 or so to a set.

Pre – Dinner
Fields of Gold
Six Ribbons
Fields of Athenry
Ride On
Mist Covered Mtns
Wild rover
Hut on Staffin Is
Black Velvet Band
Rosslyn Castle

The Chance
Dirty O’ Town
When you and I were true
Girl from the Hiring Fair
Lullaby of London
Rainy night in Soho
Loch Tay
North Sea Holes
1000’s are Sailing
B B world
Over the Ocean

Dance set 1-
Mug O’ Brown Ale
Irish Rover
Paddy White & the High Reel
Waxie’s dargle
Irish washerwoman
Molly Mallone
Lanigan’s Ball/ WorkersBreak
RaggleTaggle Gypsy
John Barleycorn
Drowsie Maggie
South Australia
Off to California/Rights of Man
The Beggarman

Dance set 2
Tell Me Ma
Tall Rigged ship\New Rigged ship