Ironwood Run

Ironwood Run

 Pullman, Washington, USA

Ironwood Run plays rock and roll: Two guitars, two frontmen, saxophone, and a rhythm section straight outta Muscle Shoals.


Adam and Alex’s Little League Baseball team clinched the league title with an undefeated season in 2000. In the summer of 2010, Adam, Alex, and Creston climbed a Coca-Cola machine in a friend’s yard and announced their intention to conquer America.

Ironwood Run is a small-town band. They're obsessed with The Band, Blonde on Blonde, and Exile on Main Street. They live together, and practice incessantly, sharpening riffs, tightening grooves, eating meals at the piano, and harmonizing on the back porch. Beginning in 2010, wild and unpredictable live performances led to full houses at their living-room shows. Within the year they had put out a full-length album and were opening for nationally touring acts, playing theaters, barrooms and outdoor festivals in Seattle, Boise, Moscow, Olympia, and the San Francisco Bay. A one day recording session in at Dub Narcotic Studio produced their second release of 2011, "Songs For Bailey" EP. 2012 kicked off with the new 4-song EP "After The War" and a short accompanying tour.

Bands we’ve played with include:
The Moondoggies, LAKE, PS I Love You, Finn Riggins, Balkans, El Ten Eleven, Boy Eats Drum Machine, Drew Grow & The Pastor’s Wives, Kelli Schaefer, Girlfriends, Yarn Owl, Buffalo Death Beam.

“It's rare that I have a band from across the state outdraw, outperform, and outparty a lot of local acts I know, but that's just Pullman throwing down the gauntlet. But there is no duel to be had, for tonight we all come together and enjoy heavy rock soaked in twang. If you like bands like... Uncle Tupelo, The Moondoggies, and/or Creedence, this is where you need to be so you can say you saw 'em back when.” – Jason Josephes, Blue Moon Saloon, Seattle WA.



Written By: Forrest, Lawler, Makinster, Stocking, White

It’s 5am in Paris, the airlines are embarrased, I’m waitin for a holiday
that won’t start without you
You were comin’ to me, a line that drew me in, my weathered veins
waited on the wind to change
Change that station I ain’t got the patience for a runway paved with the cold
I wanna hold you through
Threw yourself over the fence, went against their advice and you waited all night
for 5am

If this plane don’t land, bury my heart in the sand, I got a love no tide could take
and no back-up plan
Planned my standing collar, your eyes in the fall, our names are carved into the
Berlin Wall
All your memories grounded, your soul is surrounded, your veins are pounding to
the chorus I found
Found my ticket just in time, cut the line, made the gate, our love ain’t landing a moment too late
at 5am


After The War - February 12, 2012
Songs For Bailey EP - August 22, 2011
The Atlantic & America - February 2, 2011