irony 9

irony 9


Irony 9 is a christian rock band who tries to keep it different from the typical music you hear on the scene now. We want to give a fresh, positive alternative to the otherwise hopeless and depressing music of today. Essentially, "New Rock for the New Born."


This is the story of Irony 9, “a band with a sound all their own” who has spent the past six years defining and perfecting their unique sound. A three-piece “powerhouse” out of Savannah, Georgia they are as talented as they are friendly. Irony 9 started out as many Christian bands do, inside the walls of their own church playing praise songs for their youth group. Not knowing what to do with life after high school, fate stepped in and pushed these lovely lads into a rock ’n’ roll adventure.

Irony 9 has shared the stage with national recording artists such as Mayday Parade (Fearless Records), Slingshot 57, Esme, and A Girl A Gun A Ghost (Hotfoot Records), as well as many regional acts from across the country. With their sights set high and their trigger fingers happy, there’s no stopping this band that is destined to become a household name. Be looking for them in a city near you.


Beautiful Arrangement EP - 2004
A Thousand Hellos and One Goodbye EP - 2006
Plague.Famine.Sword EP - 2007

Set List

We play sets approximately 45 minutes long. Typically this is about eight or nine songs. This will include songs from our newest EP, as well as various other songs we decide to add on a nightly basis.