IS Evolution

IS Evolution

 Detroit, Michigan, USA

Inohs Sivad crafts songs using nuance, irony, and metaphor that evokes emotion, promotes thought, manages to be life-affirming and artistically pleasing. Our music is a genre-blending experience of soul and rock.


Inohs Sivad has made music that has been called “transformative” since 2003. With four CD’s under her belt, she labels her sound a soul alternative fusion of R&B, Rock, Jazz, Electronica, Soul, and Funk. Through the years, she has been backed by a number of players, but 2014 was the end of one era and the beginning of another.

2015 marks the inaugural year of Inohs Sivad Evolution, her official band. Its four members - Deus X (guitar), CC (bass) and Matt “Champ” Lemons (drums) - masterfully follow Sivad’s lead to create music that blends genres, crosses cultures, and meshes melodies. Together, they aim to make music that connects the borders of musical landscapes.

Inohs Sivad Evolution reminds us that our existence is not one-dimensional and that we have to move with the ebbs and flows of it all to learn the importance of evolving into something more, something different, and something that drives us forward.



Written By: Inohs Sivad, Naomi Daniel, LaShaun phoenix Moore

Then you find you can love

Years pass.Three, then, six, then ten
She laughs. It might not happen again
She lives
Not knowing what life has in store
And then
Someone walks through the door

Told heaven she was through with love
Confessed that she’s been
hurt too much
Life ushers in the winds of change
It heals her heart
Then she finds she can love

Changes (Put a healing on my heart)
Then you find you can love
(Wiped the pain away)
Changes (I believe again)
When you find you can love

lah lah lah lah lah lah lah lah lah

So she opens up her heart to love
And she finds that she
just can’t give enough
She pushes away her fear
Releases herself
to the beauty that love holds

The years of hurt just fade away
Forget she ever felt the pain
And her spirit whispers knowingly
Look at how free she can be
If she only just believes


Written By: Inohs Sivad, Thomas "Bubz" Fiddler

There is but one sound reason
Why I feel so damned good right now
Cool seasons are leaving
The air is warm and
the sun is bright

Never a sight more pleasing
Than the big orange eye
in the sky
Your heat brings good feelings
And I feel my spirits climb

You fill my heart
With passion that burns
You are the spark that gives life
You are the reason all things grow
Sun! Shine!
I love you

There at the dawn of all things
Commanded to light the way for all
We evolve as we revolve
Around and round your firey ball

Under your might we survive
Under your light nature rises
No surprises
Day-in, day-out
I know that you will rise and shine



Written By: Inohs Sivad, Thomas "Bubz" Fiddler

Growing inside is a reality
That I’m looking at
the man of my dreams
A pity it seems
you and I can’t be
More than good friends
What cruelty

I can’t deny you turn me on
I don’t understand why
I hide behind a lie
If nothing is said,
nothing will be done
If I go on,
all I’ll have is a crush

Is it just me sensing our chemistry
Or am I deceived by a fantasy
Whatever it is honesty won’t hurt me
Yes or no, tell me so
for clarity, oh


I’ve explored the possibility
of aging alone
and I know with certainty,
it can not be done
Life’s too short
to pass the opportunity
To fall in love and
have that love returned

Chorus 2x


No Goodbyes (LP, SoundThought Recordings, 2011)

Serenade Remix (Single, SoundThought Recordings, 2010)

Changes (LP, Sound Thought Recordings, 2007)

Somewhere Else (Single, Third Ear - UK, 2007)

IS (LP, Sound Thought Recordings, 2003)

Set List

60 and 90 minute Performances

1. Never Known
2. Changes
3. Out the Barrel
4. Serenade
5. Crush
6. Brother Sister (Cover Tune by the Brand New Heavies)
7. Out the Barrel
8. IS
9. Time Out

Just to name a few. Sets are adjusted to accommodate event requirements.