Isaac & The Lover's Quarrel Band

Isaac & The Lover's Quarrel Band


Original Soul/Rock/Pop act, "Isaac & The Lover's Quarrel" is a sonic and visual spectical that is not to be missed. Headed up by acclaimed songwriter/vocalist/guitarist Isaac Barham, "ILQ" presents a sound which is simultaniously fresh, innovative and classic.


"As if Jimi Hendrix, Ray Charles, Bob Marley & the Wailers, Sly & The Family Stone and The Beatles ALL had a baby who writes shockingly memorable original material!" -The Rock n' Soul News, Seattle, WA " ...a sound raw with emotion, heavily-featuring stunningly poignant songwriting, richly soulful vocals, stinging lead guitar, funky rhythms and lush instrumentation...Blending varying styles into a widely-appealing original sound, "ILQ" delivers with a dramatically soulful and distinctly unique sound that will have any audience groovin' hard..."



Set List

Drawing from a very deep and ever-growing well of memorable original material, and including occasional uniquely-done classic covers.