Isaac Abnathey

Isaac Abnathey

 West Columbia, South Carolina, USA

I am a solo progressive jazz artist singer/songwriter exploring new ways to compose jazz using a variety of instrumentation and hot rhythms while synthesizing sounds via musical sequences. I also write hip hop music, video game music and theme music for movies and television.


I majored in music at Benedict College and graduated with a B.A. degree with honors in the performing arts. I am the very proud recipient of a Michael Jackson music scholarship awarded to me through the UNCF in the late 80’s. One of the first songs I plan to upload will be a jazz tribute to MJ who will always be my favorite musical performer. My Dad is a minister/gospel singer and is my first musical influence. I am a member in good standing with Phi Mu Alpha music fraternity. I was in the U.S. Air Force from 1988-1992 and received an honorable discharge. I prefer to write Jazz but I like to sing, play, and write in other styles. I have been influenced by several musical artists over the years, too many to name. I was also in the drama club while in college so I have some acting experience as well. I have sung spirituals, show music, but my forte in college was Italian opera, and I participated in a few jam sessions with my music instructors. Early on I explored in primarily pop and movie theme music. I was in the Air Force in the 1990's and while stationed in Alaska took a Jazz theory course, sung with a jazz ensemble, and really became hooked on Jazz. I took courses through the Columbia School of Broadcasting and interned at radio station Wkbyr in Anchorage, Alaska. Now I primarily write Jazz music sometimes mixed with another genre, but I also write a little hip hop, pop, blues, theme music, video game music, dance music, and gospel. I enjoy all types of music and styles and have also been influenced by several artists. I try to write "feel good" music and most of my jazz music may be used for meditation, relaxation, and music therapy. I can be reached by phone at 803.237.2241. When people hear my music I want them to experience a good feeling about what they heard and listen to my songs over and over again! I try to write music which can be utilized for meditation and healing of the mind, body, and spirit. I hope my music will uplift the spirits of all who listens. My music may be downloaded at It is an honor and blessing to be able to share my music with the world. I plan to release my first Jazz CD real soon with a special tribute to MJ (Pop King) and his surviving family on the first track. Stay tuned!


Special Lady

Written By: Isaac Abnathey

Something about the way she smiles, the way she styles her hair. Her eyes light up the midnight sky I'm longing to be there.
I'm in a trance when she lies there, all I can do is stare.
Sleep like an angel heavenly beauty everywhere.
Time stand still when I'm with her, don't want it to end.
I feel the peace from all this grief when I hold you near.
I can't resist your loving eyes, the softness of your touch.
These simple acts of kindness, mean so very much.
She's my joy, She's my heart, I want her to myself.
She's my love, my true desire, don't need nobody else.
Don't have a care, when she's around, so glad you're in my life.
Compassion, warmth, and tenderness consoles me in my strife.
Special lady, you make my life complete. Special lday, you make me strong when I'm weak. Special lady, you are my angel girl. Special lady, you are the joy of my world.

You Don't Understand

Written By: Isaac Abnathey

Dedicated To: PAT-My lovely wife for 21 years!
Happy Anniversary!
From your best Friend and Husband---Jerome
Thursday---December 30, 2004

You Don’t Understand This Kind of Man

Verse 1
I live life just a little kind of easy
I found a girl and all she does is please me
She says she loves me and she cares
I do love her and I will always be there

Verse 2
It doesn’t matter what I do or say
She reads me like a book and knows my ways
I give her fancy cars and diamond things
Massage her body just to ease her pain


You don’t understand, this kind of man
I’m gonna love you, gonna hug you, gonna hold you close
You don’t understand, this kind of man
I’ve got the best woman in this world and I don’t mean to boast

Verse 3
So fine and fulfill my needs
This woman does know how to love me
And I love her, Yes I do, Yes I do
I am faithful kind and true in my heart

Verse 4
When she looks at me with those brown eyes
I begin to think and then realize
What a lucky man I am to have this lady
I want to show that I appreciate her

Repeat Chorus above:

Verse 5
When I feel you close and we embrace
I look into your eyes as I kiss your face
And just to let you know I am sincere
I begin to whisper sweet words in your ear
The time is right and I hope this love last
What ever you want all you have to do is ask
Because I’m your man and anything I’d do for you
You give nothin’ but good love makes me smile when I am blue

Verse 6
I’m the kind of man who likes to hold hands
I’m the kind of man who likes to slow dance
I’m the kind of man who will be your friend
I’m the kind of man your lover to the end
I’m the kind of man who takes you out to eat
I’m the kind of man who will kiss your feet

New Chorus:

You don’t understand this kind of man
I take care of my woman, I respect her as someone
You don’t understand this kind of man
She’s a very special lady, I thank God for sending her my way

Blue Aliens

Written By: Isaac Abnathey

Theme or back ground for the song Blue Aliens:

Definition of BLUE (3) a: low in spirits : melancholy

b: marked by low spirits : depressing

al·ien·ate (ly-nt, l--)
tr.v. al·ien·at·ed, al·ien·at·ing, al·ien·ates
1. To cause to become unfriendly or hostile; estrange: alienate a friend; alienate potential supporters by taking extreme positions. See Synonyms at estrange.
2. To cause to become withdrawn or unresponsive; isolate or dissociate emotionally: The numbing labor tended to alienate workers.
3. To cause to be transferred; turn away: "He succeeded . . . in alienating the affections of my only ward" (Oscar Wilde).
4. Law To transfer (property or a right) to the ownership of another, especially by an act of the owner rather than by inheritance.

[Latin alinre, alint-, from Latin alinus, alien; see alien.]

Estrange, alienate, disaffect share the sense of causing (someone) to turn away from a previously held state of affection, comradeship, or allegiance. Estrange often implies replacement of love or belonging by apathy or hostility: erstwhile lovers estranged by a misunderstanding. Alienate often calls attention to the cause of antagonism or separation: His inconsiderate behavior alienated both friends and family. Disaffect usually refers to relationships involving allegiance or loyalty rather than love or affection: disaffected workers, demoralized by ill-considered management policies.

Composer Notes:

There are thoses of us who tend to alienate from friends, family, society and for different reasons. Blue Aliens is about people who tend to experience problems in their interpersonal relationships. The song is about the feelings of love and breakup in relationships, having faith during trial and tribulations, and seeking divine guidance in transformation of the human spirit to a better state physically and spiritually. We should dream big and dare to try or make an attempt to do the impossible those other things people forfeit in life because they do see or think they have a means to obtain it. Do that different thing, that unique thing but always, always follow your heart and then take that leap of faith. Even when your days may be blue, thrive on the energy from that emotion and compel your thoughts and feelings beyond this earthly realm toward the heavens where God hears most clearly your every request and knows what you desire most in life. Then propel your inner spirit toward that same place so that you may be changed in the glory of a wonderful bliss. You will soon find then that your wisdom will magnify and you will see more clearly things others cannot see and become more focused, and you will hear the music of the angels no one else hears, and you will feel a sense of happiness and joy no one else but you can feel inside. When this happens you will no longer be alienated from society or feel out touch with the world around you but instead you will be an earth angel in ascension to heaven. Everyone will then ask you why you always smile even when a sadness weighs heavy in your heart and you will keep right on smiling rain or shine and be uplifted by grace. You will keep smiling when you are having problems in your job, personal relationships or with health matters. While others hear dissonance you will began to always hear harmony. While your pitch may not always be perfect, your good deeds will touch many hearts and lives in many lands and in a special meaningful way. You will leave your mark in the annals of history during this time of enlightment.
Isaac J. Abnathey (11-16-12) ©


I am currently in the recording studio working on a Jazz Modern/ Alternative CD.

Set List

Some of the songs that I am recording are titled Bluemoon, Eclipse, Sunrise, Sunset, Tears of Joy, Kinectic, and Life to name a few. Most of my songs are good for meditation and aerobic exercise lasting between 5 to 8 minutes.