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Isaac Gill

Nashville, TN | Established. Jan 01, 2009 | SELF

Nashville, TN | SELF
Established on Jan, 2009
Solo Americana Folk




"The Taco Shop Interviews"

The Taco Shop is pleased to welcome Isaac Gill as our latest guest. Isaac is an indie/folk/jazz man from Nashville, but he’s got a sound that still manages to stand out among the clutter.

His debut 2012 album Meanwhile is a well polished work that needs some plays this summer. Gather round a bonfire, drink 3-10 beers, and just jam out. For some smooth vibes put on “If a Bird” and get your foot tapping. Or just kick back and let Isaac serenade you with the hit “Give Me a Canvas.” There’s a song for any mood/situation, so dig around and find your favorite.

We’re glad we stumbled upon Meanwhile, and it’s definitely worth your time to get to know the music, and the man himself. We talked to Isaac and asked him our general hard hitting questions and some other nonsense. Check it out:


Which of your songs would you play first for someone who is unfamiliar with your music?
Probably “Give Me a Canvas” or “If a Bird”

When writing songs, do you guys make the music or lyrics first generally?
Depends on the song, sometimes a set of words will hit me all at once and then I won’t find a musical home for them for a year or two, and vise versa in other situations- I will have chord pattern or a melody that ferment for so long until the words finally emerge. But then I’ve had several songs that hit me all at once, and sometimes within 15-30 minutes a song is finished- lyrics, chord pattern, unfurling of parts, melody, etc. “If a Bird” was one of those songs.

If we gave you a canvas and an assortment of paints, what would you paint for us?
“… a valley that looks down on the highest mountain” referencing my own lyrics like a dad… no, maybe I’d paint an unused, small boat resting on dry ground near a marsh in the summertime… or something cliche like that, but I like it.

If you could choose the actor that plays you in your biopic, who are you going with?
Will Smith

If you could tame any animal, and ride it / have it as a companion… what animal would it be?
Funny enough this is a question I often ask people when I meet them for the first time so I’m really glad you asked me. Today I would have to pick a platypus. Versatile, functional.

What song gets you the most hyped up? Like your ideal entrance music if you were a WWF wrestler?
Journey’s “Separate Ways” or “No Easy Way Out” from Rocky IV… when he’s driving around all upset, remembering when Apollo Creed died under the glove of Ivan Drago…

Do you have any sort of pre-show ritual?
Pre-show usually involves ordering food, catching up and chatting with people, and then all of a sudden scrambling and realizing I haven’t set up the merch table yet or put together a decisive set list… by that time my food is getting cold and I’ve forgotten about it til after my set. And I still eat it.

What’s in store for you in 2014 in terms of music?
I’m working on about 25 songs right now that may or may not be released all at once or as two separate albums… I’m excited about it. Also I’ve begun collaborating in a band on some more energetic and dynamic stuff with two of my best friends. And possibly compiling and writing music for a feature length indie comedy that will be shot in Alaska later this summer. But in the mean time I’m always playing gigs when I can- I love house shows.

Very cool artwork for Meanwhile, whats the story behind that?
Christopher James Stewart, my sister’s husband, illustrated the cover. He blended layers of water color with pen and ink illustration. He’s a talented guy. The theme within the colors and the pictures sort of ties into the mood of the album’s lyrics and tones- a lot of water and some mountains, a lot of adventuring and discovering.

If you could collab with any artist, living or dead, who would it be?
Rich Mullins

Got any covers you like to bust out during live shows?
I love doing a rendition of a Brazilian jazz tune called “Corcovado” also known as “Quiet Nights” written by Antonio Carlos Jobim. Beautiful song.

What artists would you say influences your style of music the most?
Well, based on the previous questions/answers, Jobim is up there on that list. Jose Gonzalez, The Shins, Starflyer 59, Josh Garrels, Wilco, kings of convenience, any and all Best of the 70s Infomercials

Dream festival you could play at?
A living room near you. Or any festival in New Zealand.

Have a favorite venue in the US?
The Garage in Charlottesville, Virginia. Tiny, single-car garage near downtown C-ville. Band plays at the edge of the open garage facing out to the street, audience sits across the street on the sidewalk and grassy lawn. Cars pass in between, and it’s just a cool experience. Can be a bit distracting when cars are driving through honking, but it makes it that much more of a memorable experience.

If you were bleeding out and could listen to only one song while you lay there gazing at the sky, what would it be?
Right now it would have to be “Waking Light” from Beck’s new album.

What would be your last meal?
Waffle breakfast with eggs, bacon, and fresh cantaloupe at my Grandma’s… or some super healthy juice, because maybe it would increase my chances of cheating death one more time… ?

What’s a song/band you love that nobody would expect?
Michael Jackson PYT, but maybe you expected that already.

What’s the best food spot in Norfolk, Virginia?
When I’ve got money to spend on a really good grassfed beef burger, 80/20 Burger Bar. When I don’t- Tortilla West on Taco Tuesday for 85 cent tacos. Although my wife and I just relocated to Nashville!

Very cool video of you playing atop of a cliff over the Red River Gorge in West Virginia, where else would you want to play if you could choose any place in the WORLD?
Hot air balloon over any Mediterranean coast at sunrise.

Grilled chicken sandwich or double cheeseburger?
Fried egg sandwich with sharp cheddar?

Favorite Chappelle’s Show skit?
It’s been a long time, but probably one of the ones where he’s a white news anchor.

We like to stay up till 4am drinking, jamming to all kinds of music, and talking about our theories of life. Do you have any interest in this? We’ll buy the first rounds next time you are out in NYC or Chicago.
Absolutely. Would love that. This Spring or Summer if possible? The invitation is there too if you ever come to Nashville. Thanks!

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Still working on that hot first release.



Lighthearted, eccentric, and genuine, Isaac Gill combines elements of
Americana folk, indie rock, and jazz while offering a poetic and accessible take on evocative storytelling, both refined and raw.

His debut album "Meanwhile" is a cinematic survey of sound, maintaining a cohesive, thoughtful theme amid myriad styles and influences- the least of which are Buckley-Wilco's love child guitar work, Beach Boys-esque harmonies, and bossa nova rhythmic accents.

Often accompanied by the warm harmonies of his wife, Megan, these two former Virginians who have traveled all 50 states and lived in Costa Rica now reside in Nashville, TN. He is fervently working toward a second full-length release concept album, due in 2016.

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