Isaac Schade Band

Isaac Schade Band


We (the Isaac Schade Band) are a Christian Worship Rock Band that attempts to bring creativity back into the Christian music realm. Our first album '' is very eclectic in song styles, with something that just about everybody can enjoy. We take joy in leading worship, not 'performing'.


we all have a passion for worship. we are all also reasonably good at melodical instruments. we've been thinking about this endevour for a while and now we are deciding to go full speed with it. so this is our journey is pursuing God with our gifts (and inviting others to do the same). we simply want to proclaim and teach the truth while we stand joyfully in God's presence, offering ourselves to Him. as for all of us in ISB, we especially find this connection in music.
we recognize that in many ways the church has lost its sense of art and fresh ideas. our hope and joy is to create music that is more than just three chords thrown together. our goal is to bring art and fresh creativity into the church because that's what our father has gifted us with. we would love to share that with you.

we would LOVE to lead worship for you. we thoroughly enjoy making and recording music, but our biggest love is celebrating through song together with people all over the world in communal worship settings. if you have a need to bring in a worship band...drop us a line at

Our influences include: david crowder band, chris tomlin, charlie hall, matt redman, kristian stanfill, hillsong (united), coldplay, mae, snow patrol, death cab for cutie, copeland, other vast and various bands we take pleasure in listening to.

Discography - released 11/27/2007

select songs are streaming at

discrevolt has previews of all songs, along with a chance to buy it.

Set List

we'll work with you to provide the best worship experience possible for you event. we do incorporate some of our own songs into worship sets, but we're extremely flexable when it comes to set-list. if an event is meant to be specifically a concert, we'll play through most of the songs on '' or new songs we have written since the release.