Isabel Guzman

Isabel Guzman


It’s all the noise and grime of the big city... it’s all the serenity and calm of a sunrise on the countryside. it’s walking barefoot on dewey grass... and it’s dancing the night away in high heels. It’s the itch you can’t scratch... It’s all that and so much more. And it’s all bathing in neon...


Isabel by Bobby

Isabel Guzman was born in Sweden and brought up by her Swedish mother and Bolivian father. In the last year of high school she was part of a group who modelled themselves on Blondie meets No Doubt. Despite being immediately signed to a major record company and releasing the first single, Isabel decided to go it alone for her album. It took a long time though despite the possibility of rushing into a follow-up as soon as she’d left the band. Isabel had to find the right record company. It ended up being an independent, a choice that allowed her complete freedom to do what she wanted.

Her soundtrack is of one of the morning sun coming over the city: whether or not its citizens have partied hard, dreamt sweet dreams or were ravaged by nightmares, Isabel tries to weave these together in a bid to get the heart pumping, the ecstasy coursing and the body dancing like it’s never moved before. Isabel delves into the dark side of dance and pop and drenches it with throbbing neon basebeats. This is her mission. Get ready, Queen Isabel approaches….


Kill The Boy - EP
All In Your Head - single