BandR&BHip Hop

I go by my real name (Isaiah) My music is real, it comes from the heart and soul of how I view myself in this real world. My style I would say is like know one elses, am a trend setter for the new hip R&B sound thats coming back to radio. I am thriple threat, artist, producer & writer.


My music is the new edgy R&B sound, I'm a trend
setter, the newer modern hip version of Marvin Gay.
My style and sound is made to cross-over to a wide
range fan base of people of all colors and backgrounds.

I have been studying my craft since the age of 15. Now 22 years of age I'm ready to take my act on to the real stage.

When you hear it, you will know this is the sound of "ISAIAH"


"Wait no more" will become a strong end of the year radio hit for all the young ladies.

This track will carry a lot of steam for the females with that special male in mind! My male fans will want to lock this tune into the eyes of that special female love interest!

Set List

Depending on the venue I will play from 1 to 5 songs as an opening act. As a head-liner
my show will go from 1 hour to 1 hour and 1/2

1. She's a freak 2. Girl Friend 3. apology. are a
few tunes in order of a play list.