I Said Stop!

I Said Stop!

 Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

A happy version of Modest Mouse with Vampire Weekend, Beach House, Shins, Bright Eyes and Unicorns influence.


I Said Stop! is yet another addition to the same indie pop landscape that spawned Aqueduct, but [singer/songwriter] Gollahons sound rocks a bit more.


Indie rock group I Said Stop! wins this year for Tulsas Best Up-and-Coming Band [in 2007]. Yet another testament to the good music being made in Tulsa Dreamy indie pop/rock outfit I Said Stop! is what Tulsas indie rock scene, surrounding The Soundpony, Under the Mooch, and Mooch and Burn, is all about. 

"It's like [referring to our $4 EP] paying to cover for one of their wicked-fun shows and then taking them with you. Go get happy with I Said Stop! at itunes."

"Hey, I SAID STOP!, thanks for like shattering my knee with your flying pieces of instrument. But it's okay, I don't mind because I f-ing love you guys."
- EMILY (disgruntled victim/happy fan)

The Edge Z104.5/Tulsa Original Music.com. Song of the Week, Song About Stopping (March, 2009)
Tulsa University. 1st Place Winner Battle of the Bands (September, 2008)
Urban Tulsa Weekly. 1st Place Winner Best Up-n-Coming Band, Runner Up Best Local Indie Produced Album
Tulsa World. Nominee Rising Star (2007)


Fitz and the Tantrums, Cold War Kids, etc. (COUfest '14)
Ghostland Observatory, The Roots, All Americian Rejects, etc. (Dfest '08)

Shiny Toy Guns, Maritime, J+J+J, Skybox, etc. (various Tulsa venues 2005 - current)

Z104.5 The Edge
Indie104 Radio LA
91.3 RSU
Tulsa Music Pulse
irok radio
Robotic Radio, etc.

Islands, Shins, Modest Mouse, Bright Eyes, Beach House, Vampire Weekend. 

We've been many bands by many names, but always with founding members Brian Keller and Ian Gollahon.

Aaron Wesinger of Elliott the Letter Ostrich and Philip Martin of Pez For Breakfast are the other half of the band and they rock just as hard.  


Born To Be Great

Written By: Ian Gollahon

I wasn’t born to be great but it was great to be born. Though as a baby I cried my mom she knew just why. And the love she would show, only a mother would know how to keep my bed warm so when I wake in the morning- the first drop of milk that I had, I knew that my life just wouldn’t be all that bad.

But by the time I was nine yeah my mother had died yeah my father was blind and in school I’m behind but when I turned 16 I met the girl of my dreams and you wouldn’t believe how good she looked to me. And with the first kiss from her that I had, I knew that future wouldn’t be all that bad.

And then the next year she broke my heart, and all of my thoughts got awful and dark, but when I tried to do the things that I love, when my mind went to her, all of the above just seemed dumb.

Sometimes when I think of my life, I don’t think that I’ll ever be happy, and sometimes all the things that I love get sick and die, leave or betray me. When I think of all the love that I have, well I know that my future just won’t get all that bad.

Now I’m twenty years old and my name is in bold on the top of my checks and my bills and my sex life’s already dull and my problems are tall and I can’t even tell you where I’ll go next. But with the first fresh air that I have, I know that my life will never get all that bad.

Jesus' Beard

Written By: Ian Gollahon

In August they took out my brain, but I didn’t feel any pain. In April they took out my heart, but I didn’t notice till next March.

All my summer, all my winter, all my spring and fall, I’ve been stuck in some kind of legal battle (bureaucratic brawl). Hey and my stay in purgatory, well it’s been so long and boring, and there’s lumps all in my bed, I wish they had just left me dead.

Well they got some different ideas about reincarnation and sin. When they’re done with me, oh my soul will just be thrown in the recycling bin.

And it turns out that the afterlife, well it’s not about who’s wrong or who’s right it’s about finding reasonable doubt.

And the plaintiff held a different case now for every feature on my face. I protest, “The defense just wants to rest”. And I don’t think that I’ve heard of or seen a whole legion of angels so bitter and mean prosecute, oh I still countersued.
It’s been 100 years now since I last appeared for a jury hung on Jesus’ beard. I appealed, but he just wasn’t real.

Summer of the Dangle

Written By: Ian Gollahon

I don’t really like the sun and I don’t care for the moon, but baby if you come inside, then maybe me and you could spoon. I don’t think you like my tan and I don’t really like your blond, but if we spent a year inside than we could turn each other on.

If you nibbled on my sleeve, well I don’t thing think that I could ever leave you. If you nibbled on my toes, well oh well only the good Lordy knows.

I don’t really like that shirt, and I don’t think you like these shoes, but we could take both those off if we hopped in our bathing suits. We don’t even have to swim; yeah we won’t even go outside. Just grab the phone, call all your friends and tell each one to stop by.
Now in every second of every single day, I try to make a memory that just won’t ever go away.

Talking Dirty

Written By: Ian Gollahon

I was having the time of my life and the time of my life again. You were always checking your clock to make sure that our time could end. Sure you’re punctual and I’m not, but I should’ve known right then-
You would steal my heart again and make out with all of my friends. You stole my so now I’m making out with your friends.

Well I was at the end of my rope (It was a red and sugary spin). Then you bit on my candy necklace said you, “like the taste of sin”. Sure you’re 17 and I’m not, but I should have known right then

And when you tell me that I’m pretty I can tell it’s not true by your tone. And when you’re talking dirty to me well you’re talking like you’re on the phone. And when you’re happy that with me, you’re just happy ‘cause you’re not alone. And when you’re making love to me, I’m hoping that’s a moan not a groan.
I was spending my time on my two step, I was spending my time on your door step, knock, knock, a knock you better let me in. Ring, ring, a ring it started raining.


“Save the Dinosaurs” (Hard Work Records) debut album set to release April 18th 2009. Recorded by Brian Keller and produced by Ian Gollahon in their bands studio; mastered by Walt Bowers in ARC Studios.

“I Said Stop! (EP)” (Hard Work Records) a self-title EP recorded by friend Aaron Wesinger from the late Elliot the Letter Ostrich (Asaurus Records).

Set List

All originals. No covers.