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Perth, Western Australia, Australia | SELF

Perth, Western Australia, Australia | SELF
Band Rock Pop




"2011 March - Headline Gig Review - Amplifier Bar"

When I, Said the Sparrow exploded on Perth’s music scene just over a year ago, there was no doubt that this band were destined for big things. They have quickly gained an army of fans through excessive gigging and exciting live shows. Having caused quite a stir, they attracted a large number of people to Amplifier bar on a Saturday night to check out the last show of the band’s first national tour to see what all the fuss is about.

The vibe was electric when it was finally time for the act everyone had gathered to see. The electronic introduction before the opening song served as a ‘Hurry up and get your butt in here’ call for the people left straggling in the beer garden. I, Said the Sparrow then launched into their electro pop rock tunes. Combining the sensibilities of pop writing, energy of rock n roll and a dash of electronic sampling meant some seriously catchy music.

It’s not just the music that is highly energetic, the band members are too. All members of the band do not stay in one spot for very long. I’m sure if Clint Gatter’s drum kit were movable he would be throwing himself around the stage as violently as his fellow band members. Understandably, it was I’m a villain and I’m online and Mirrors (featured on the demo,) that whipped the crowd crowed into a frenzy, inciting swaying bodies and mass sing alongs. I, said the sparrow unleashed a new song, which, because it doesn’t presently have an official title, vocalist Sean Hendry dubbed Hanging with Jared Leto and Charlie Sheen. The song takes a heavier direction than the older tracks.

I, said the sparrow gigs always seem to end too fast and leave you wanting more. They are a band that needs to be experienced live to be fully appreciated. Keep a close eye on this band, they are only just beginning to take flight. - www.fasterlouder.com.au

"2011 March - Headline Gig Review - Amplifier Bar"

I, Said The Sparrow hit the stage clearly excited, but prepared to put on a great show. Balancing the energy and ferocity of bands much heavier with the hooks and congeniality of bands much softer, tonight was indeed a great performance of a rock band seemingly on the brink of wider recognition. - Drum Media Perth - review in print only

"2010 December - Coerce Support Gig Review -"

Opening tonight’s show under far from optimum lighting and sound conditions were I, Said The Sparrow. Any less of a band may have let the conditions get to them, but these lads did not, managing an energetic set that improved in the face of the conditions. - Drum Media Perth - review in print only

"2011 March - I'm a Villain Single Review"

More loveable screamo punk, the unsung hero of Australia's music scene. I, Said The Sparrow (with my bow and arrow) are a highly polished Perth four peice modelled after Placebo, with their sharp melodic turns and vaguely industrial sound. I'm a Villain... has an anthemic hook too, filled with raw and senseless pubescent rage. I like it a lot. Also not relevant, but sometimes I wish I was fifteen again, or any age in which moshing did not lead to permanent back injury. - Beat Magazine - review in print only

"2010 October - MM9 Support Gig Review - Amplifier Bar"

There’s never much doubt that an opening act won’t quite pull the numbers that the headliner will, but as I, Said the Sparrow came on stage at Amplifier on a music-filled Saturday night, the crowd of around 20 people didn’t affect the show they put on. They opened hard, loud and fast with a huge energy surge that continued throughout the band’s short time slot.

Singer Sean Hendry projected out his lyrics showcasing a strong vocal range with punchy songs and a voice that’s a positive and uplifting ‘wake-up-and-listen’ slap in the face. The guitarist Jason Shaw, put on a show himself; there is no stopping this guy once he hits the stage. The clean riffs reveal detailed guitar work but the amount of energy and passion that is streaming off him as he owns the stage over and over was enough to make any passer-by stop and watch. I, Said the Sparrow are without a doubt a local band to keep an eye on. - www.fasterlouder.com.au


I'm a Villain and I'm Online/Mirrors Double Single - released February 2011
- Radio Airplay: Community radio nationally, Triple J, Online streaming
- Video airplay on TV: Rage and Channel V

I'm a Villain and I'm Online/Mirrors/Mirrors (Remix) Single - released July 2010
- Radio Airplay: WA Community radio

i, said the sparrow 3 track demo - released May 2010
- Radio Airplay: WA Community Radio



The idea for i, said the sparrow initially came about in early 2009 when Sean and Clint collaborated together on a soundtrack for an independent film about a man finding his true calling as a performing transvestite. After months scoping out the Perth scene Jason and Tristan joined the band and early 2010 saw the band line-up complete.

The best music always combines raw emotion with energy and a left-of-centre perspective. It should be full of hooks, pop sensibilities, and be just a little bit dirty at the same time... i, said the sparrow combines all these elements into their brand of electro-pop/rock, marrying huge choruses to electronic breakdowns, all with a rock edge…. In the year since the band’s live debut, they’ve quickly built a reputation for penning sing-along filled tracks and impressing audiences with a highly energized and entertaining live show, obviously gaining a loyal following in the process.

In their first year i, said the sparrow shared stages with bands as diverse as MM9, Coerce, Sleepwalker, Redcoats, Barbarion and Tim MacMillan Band with 2011 already shaping up to be just as varied with supports with Emery and Trial Kennedy already in the calendar. In March 2011 the band travelled the country for the first time on the I’m a Villain and I’m on Tour run of shows in support of the release of their debut single & accompanying music video. This debut double single is a solid first taste of what’s to come and the band is already back in the studio working on pre-production on their debut album.

Any way you hear it i, said the sparrow are a fresh example of why they say there’s something in the water in Perth...