I Sank Molly Brown

I Sank Molly Brown

 Denver, Colorado, USA

I Sank Molly Brown has a crisp, clean flavor; suggestive, yet unassuming, mild and yet untamed.


"In the same way the world has embraced the work of great thinkers like Plato, Socrates, Tolstoy and Tolkien, the world will soon respect the work of I Sank Molly Brown. Their labor and success in the fields of metaphysics, numerology, quantam mechanics and massage has been unparalelled in their generation and even their species. Indeed, they could have stopped with their highly respected thesi, 'The hermanutic contextualization of Geddy Lee for the layman' and 'A jugga-wugga observed', but (praise be) no! they continue on, even into this late hour, primitive tools in their hands, improving the human world with their song of science and passion."

--Dr. Jeremy Withersfield, PhD, Oral Roberts University.

Set List

45 - 60 Minutes of originals