I See Horses

I See Horses


"Both gloweringly moody and euphorically dancy there is an intoxicating blend of emotions that will have you thinking Morrisey and Bunnymen as quickly as it will New Wine and Big Pink." - The heads up blog 2010


I See Horses started in 2008 and spent their first year locked up in a basement in cold suburban norway. After releasing their first EP "Madmen know nothing of stealth", recorded in freezing conditions in the midst of the swedish wilderness, I See Horses was quickly discovered by the music press and made Ukas Urørt on norwegian radio in august 2009. Aiming for by:larm 2010 they recorded their second EP "Has my stealth been in vain".
2010 has been an eventful year for the Oslo based quintet:
The launch of their second EP that resulted in B-listing of the song “America” on NRK P3, and a spot on P3-sessions with Band Of Horses. In addition to numerous gigs all around Norway, they also made appearances at the two biggest Norwegian festivals; Øya and Hove.
I See Horses is currently working on their first full length album.


Madmen know nothing of stealth, EP 2009
- homemade DIY recording. Four out of five songs has received airplay on national radio (Norway).

Has My Stealth Been in vain, EP 2010
- slightly less lo-fi, still a non-budget project. The song Amerika was b-listed on national radio in norway for over four months and was played on different radioshows in the UK. Two other songs from the EP was listed on different local radiostations.

Last Christmas (I shot you down), Singel 2010
- a contribution to "Alternativ Julekalender", this christmas song was released early december 2010 in Norway and the UK.