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Ise Lyfe is one of the nation’s premier Hip Hop & Spoken Word Emcees. At just 23 years of age, he's been a featured poet on Russell Simmons' HBO Def Poetry Jam, and an opener for the likes of Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu, dead prez, E-40, KRS-One, Saul Williams, Ben Harper, and many more.


Powerful content, unique style of delivery, and theatrical street-smart performance pieces that depict the daily struggles of every day people have made Ise Lyfe one of this nation’s premier Spoken Word Emcees.

Fusing the art of Spoken Word and Hip Hop, Ise Lyfe, has opened for Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu, KRS-One, Saul Williams, dead prez, Ben Harper, and more. The 23 year old has also been a featured poet on Russell Simmons' HBO Def Poetry Jam.

Hailed in 2004 as one of the Bay Area’s “Top 25 Under 35” by City Flight Magazine, Ise Lyfe’s ability to rap about change and empowerment, without sounding preachy or corny is resonating with not only Oakland's hardest Hip Hop heads, but with people of all ages across the country.

Rising from the streets of Oakland, Lyfe is no stranger to challenging the status quo. In the midst of an ever growing culture of “Hyphy” and “Going Dumb,” Lyfe chooses to direct his energy in a different direction, toward the uplifting and empowerment of others, via his vocal and lyrical artillery.

"Our communities are full of beautiful people that can’t see their own beauty,’” Lyfe says. “People look outside of themselves for anything to make them feel good about themselves, or just good period. Before all of this is over, I'd like to play a roll in influencing people to see the answer within."

Inspired by Langston Hughes as a child, Lyfe began interpreting the world as he saw it through poetry and rhymes as a teenager. It wasn’t until he began to battle other emcees, enter, and win youth poetry slams that his popularity began to grow. In 2001, Lyfe gained national recognition after winning a spot in the Youth Speaks annual Poetry Slam Finals. In 2001, he gained further recognition when he went on to represent the San Francisco Bay Area at the Youth Speaks National Poetry Slam.

But life hasn’t always been without hurdles for Ise. As a youth, Lyfe was afflicted by many of the same negative elements that other young men growing up in poor communities fall victim too. Distracted, at one point, he stopped writing and lost interest in not only his talent, but his future as well. Despite having lost friends and family members to drug abuse, incarceration and violence, Lyfe says that it wasn’t until he witnessed a murder at a concert that his outlook on life changed for the better.

"I realized that I had become numb to the violence and had somehow accepted the idea of dying young. I never wanted to be that way." It was this life altering experience that would return Ise to his rhyme books and journals.

As an artist, Ise’s impact goes well beyond the stage and studio. Striving to prevent youth from following the same destructive cycle of violence that almost caught up with him as a teen, after returning to writing, Lyfe went on to co-founded the P.O.W.E.R. Movement, a multi-faceted Oakland based organization that addresses the educational, social and political needs of young people.

In 2003, he began teaching social history and Spoken Word at one of the nation's most innovative charter high schools, The School for Social Justice and Community Development in Oakland, CA. And In 2004, he went on to co-write and performed in "CAUSE", a Hip Hop theater piece that fused spoken word with modern dance to address the legacy of hate in the world.

Refusing to fit the mold, Ise Lyfe is the new mold.

Look for Ise Lyfe's debut album "SpreadtheWord" featuring the upcoming hit singles “Beautiful” and “Retro” along with an exclusive DVD in stores soon.

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Lyfe Productives

Today, even as his artistic career continues to approach celebrity status, Ise still manages to keep community organizing and activism at the forefront of his career. Today he is Executive Director of Lyfe Productives, an organization that crafts alternated forms of education via interactive workshops, spoken word, curriculum building, and community based events that promote a popular culture of consciousness. Lyfe Productives workshops and trainings are geared towards both youth and teachers. Topics range from the “Cycle of Violence – How and Why Drugs Get Into Inner City Communities” to “The Power of Words – A Critical Analysis of Hip-Hop Music in American Culture & The Influence It Has On Young People Today.” For more information on Lyfe Productives or to book a presentation, visit or contact Lyfe Productives at



Written By: Ise Lyfe

I mean I’m saying my people went from fighting for freedom to acting dumb for free/ See back in the days we were slaves whips and chains/ Now we think it’s tradition all we care about is driving whips and having chains/ I say it’s murder/ Murder from all angles/ See no longer are we strangled from trees do we dangle in this so called land of the star spangled but we are often times labeled as fatal to ourselves and others/ But a lot of times we are/ Painted on the inside of my eyelids are/ Images of lost souls hanging out the window of drive-by cars/ But they don’t wave cause this shit ain’t no parade its gun play Mack 10 nine millimeter AK spray/ It goes down every day like some high noon showdown/ Some ghetto ass OK Corral/ Plaguing the ghetto wow/ Blau/ A stray bullet explodes into the brain of an innocent child/ I say it’s murder/ And I know you heard her/ Well the government’s holding me down/ I’m stepped on by the white man’s boot/ That’s true but ain’t no white man in a suit ever to the corner on my block and started to shoot/ I see people that look like me and you/ We sick like the flu/ We got issues/ We been through more shit than toilet tissue/ And we still won’t flush/ Flush away materialism talking ‘bout what is it it’s nothing I’m pimping/ No the prison system is pimping listen/ An average of thirty three thousand people of color go to jail every day/ The state makes eighteen thousand dollars off the first four hours we stay/ Now how many times does four hours go into the twenty-four hours of a day/ Thirty thousand people at eighteen thousand dollars a lick/ That’s five-hundred and forty thousand dollars a day/ That’s some real pimp shit/ Or maybe it’s suicide the way we help ourselves die/ I heard you could take a horse to water but you can’t make it drink/ So I got sympathetic and I started to think/ Well maybe it’s kinda like we the horses and the water is poisonous but we can’t see the water and the poison cause our diamonds are shining so bright/ Naw hell naw/ Y’all sometimes we jump into this poisonous pulpit like idiots/ CONCIOUS/ Needs to read a books/ How’s I’m gon’ do this/ How das a give money for my gold toofes/ Revolution/ Whoa get back/ Massah warned me ‘bout that/ He said I can’t walk this way I gotta walk that way I gotta OTAY/ See only for so far can we blame others for how we are/ They can put us behind bars/ Our leaders they can kill/ But never can they take away our free will/ So how long freely will we say/ OTAY

Beautiful featuring Lonnye

Written By: Ise Lyfe

Verse 1:She’s so beautiful but she can’t see it/ She see videos and stripper hoes and she wanna be it/ She got a closet full of clothes/ Mind full of nothing/ Chase leather passenger seats/ Ain’t thinking ‘bout nothing beyond/ The beauty salon/ Her next night out/ Who she feeling to the point that they can feel her out/ She gets pregnant on the regular and killing it out/ She got problems/ Prefer a cat to hit and be out/ She fears/ Pretty brown brown with her tongue pierced/ She young but been dealing with grown men for years/ Let her tell it she has no fears never cries no tears/ But that’s a lie/ She wanna cry but she holds it inside and roll/ Scared to face to torment in her soul/ Molested by her uncle at eleven years old/ Now addicted to a lifestyle so hard to let go/ Lost in the wind with her lost kick her friends/ When will this end/ Come on y’all/ Chorus: She was so/ Beautiful/ She was here/ Now she’s gone/ I don’t remember the last time I saw her/ She was so/ Beautiful/ She was here/ Now she’s gone/ I don’t remember the last time I saw her/ Verse 2: He’s so beautiful/ But he can’t see it/ He see videos and stripper hoes and he thinks he need it/ He got a mouth full of gold/ Mind full of nothing/ Want TVs in his seats/ Ain’t thinking ‘bout nothing beyond/ The block he be on/ The grind on the block/ Looking out for decoys while he’s busting his knocks/ He get money on the regular and wasting it out/ He got problems/ Spend all his money getting high then he out/ He fears/ A straight soldier scared to let out his tears/ He young/ But been through a lot of bullshit in his years/ Let him tell it he has no fears never cries no tears/ But that’s a lie/ He wanna cry but he holds it inside and rolls/ Scared to face the torment in his soul/ Sick of juvi and group homes/ He’s always been on his own/ Now addicted to a lifestyle so wrong and adverse/ And it only gets worse when he meets the sister from the first verse/ Come on/ Chorus: He was so beautiful/ He was here now he’s gone/ I don’t remember the last time I saw him/ He was so beautiful/ He was here now he’s gone/ I don’t remember the last time I saw him/ Verse 3: They hook up/ Start kicking it/ The sex come fast/ Protected at first but as time pass/ They throw the condoms in the trash/ Each other on the sheets/ Ignore warnings on the TV/ Aids and STDs/ Feel like they living freely/ Young dumb full of UNH/ She sixteen he twenty one/ They talking ‘bout having a son/ Never had a childhood now they wanna raise one/ Escape the bullshit that they both came from/ They trying to get they life right/ Stay out of the night life/ But haters on the block hate to see him get his life right/ They clip him under a north Oakland night/ I feel horrible cause all I can do for him is write/ It ain’t alright/ That we’ve grown accustomed to growing up without fathers/ Single mothers raising children when they’ve never been daughters/ This is the story of two lost souls who found themselves in each other/ The young brother died over nothing like so many others/ They so beautiful/ Chorus: They were so beautiful/ They were here/ Now they’re gone/ I don’t remember the last time I saw them/ They were so beautiful/ They were here/ Now they’re gone/ I don’t remember the last time I saw them/ Tell me why/ They were so beautiful/ And now they’re gone

Fast and Slow

Written By: Ise Lyfe

Watch out now/ Ise Lyfe/ A little something to move with/ Verse 1: I think I’m on to something girl is it you/ Don’t let me slow your roll hon go ‘head and do what you do/ I was watching ‘fore you seen me watching you/ Fly and you know it too/ You own this room/ Dancing alone/ Way you move your body you ain’t got no bones/ Cats ask you to dance you say no/ But if you ask me to dance I probably won’t/ Alright maybe I will/ Meet me halfway party girl we got a deal/ Oh for real/ That’s how you feel/ She put her stomach on my stomach she ain’t blowing my chill/ Ill/ She real deal business though/ Could we start off fast and build it slow/ Crazy sexy cool it’s no sweat/ She got a million little grooves I got the same old two step/ With a little bit of this and that/ Oh my God she a thundercat but I ain’t scared of that/ Matter fact I got an idea/ This shouldn’t end here I put my lips on her ear/ Chorus: I wonder if I take you home/ Will you fall in love baby (love)/ In love baby (love)/ Let’s start off fast and build it slow/ Don’t be ashamed of what you want/ Cause I could be that tonight/ Verse 2: This ain’t a figure of speech/ Let’s get this party on the road literally/ Out on the street she grinning at me/ We saying what we saying/ No need to speak/ To be frank it is what it ain’t/ Wanna kiss her bottom lip fill in the blank/ No pressure even when it’s applied/ I can’t believe how her eyes match her thighs/ Hop in my ride/ I’m seven and you nine/ Know why six scared of seven/ Cause seven ate/eight nine/ But I ain’t nothing to have fear of/ Turn it up/ Bass speaker thump against the papoosa/ I ask her where she wanna go/ She said she wanna go until tomorrow oh/ We started fast and building it slow/ Fo sho I’m with that/ Fo sho I’m with that/ Get some food where nobody be at/ Hour later now we’re back at my flat/ Phone ringing but I’m calling them back/ I’m into my night/ Party girl party naked under my red light/ Chorus/ I wonder if I take you home/ Would you fall in love/ Cause I don’t need that tonight/ Let’s start off fast and build it slow/ Don’t be ashamed of what you want/ Cause I could be that tonight/ Done deal

Cases To The Masses

Written By: Ise Lyfe

I’m here today to present my case to the masses/ My intentions are to prosecute the system ran by these clueless jackasses/ Who intentionally draw plans to imprison people like you and me/ Indiscriminately and by large/ In the charge/ It’s murder, rape, imprisonment of the mind/ It goes on and on a long list of heinous crimes and it/ Makes me wanna holler the way they do our life/ So wrong/ We falsely looked upon as niggas, spics, and ching chongs/ Poor white trash/ Who don’t have as if we don’t deserve to have/ It’s like they play us this false tune and a lot of us just dance/ Talking ‘bout it’s nothing/ But y’all we’re all something/ And it’s so sad when we dance this sad dance to celebrate our oppressor/ To accept the false idea that we are lesser/ When that’s so not the truth/ Your honor what’s the use/ Why can’t they see what we see/ We see we to be a young, beautiful, and intelligent race/ Who throughout their attempts have never been replaced/ History has proven this to be evident/ Your honor please allow us to introduce exhibit A into evidence/ Exhibit A/ The FBI, the CIA/ Police and their Rodney King ways/ Modern day enslavement/ They traded whips for billy clubs/ Now they throw us on the pavement/ You have the right to remain silent/ The right to bleed fast/ The right to let me break this plunger off and shove it up your ass/ ‘Cause I’m a pig and I hide behind this badge/ I’m scared to talk to you but I’m quick to smoke your ass and laugh/ Please stop it/ They shot A. Diallo forty plus times for reaching for his wallet


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