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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"The RAWK Fall Showcase"

"I always have a thing for acoustics. And Mack, your voice is incredibly unique, I don't think I've ever heard one like that, varied off and on high and low steadidly but smoothly. And all three of you easily blended together perfectly, something I don't typically see. For some bands, it's a group of individuals rather than a group that fits together."


-A Note From Isenheart-
This quote is in regards to our very first show, October 6, 2006, the week the band formed. Isenheart's first practice was October 2, 2006. - The Lab International


The Isenheart E.P. (March 2007)

The Rawk Final Four Compilation 2007 (Single)

Bobfest 2007 Compilation (Single)

Mack's Solo Demo (June 2006)
-Made before Isenheart was formed



“My name is Macarthur Rife. I play a number of various instruments, but, like so many other musicians, I found it easiest to express myself through acoustic guitar and vocals. This is not my attempt to be a star or to get big. It's not me trying to be something new. It's not even something I do for bragging rights. This is me trying to explain my view of some things that happen in my life. I have wrecked a few important relationships because I'm not really able to explain what I'm feeling... ever. I've found that the easiest, and closest thing to these feelings I can show, usually reveal themselves in my music. This is just way for me to show certain people out there exactly what goes on in my head. Thanks so much for the support.”
-Macarthur Rife (Talking about his new solo project after leaving a top local rock band)

This solo project evolved into the acoustic/alternative/indie band, Isenheart, after Mack released his solo CD and it quickly gained popularity online. Bryan Coats and Garrett Zanol were recruited for the effort and have truly taken the music to the next level. With Bryan’s Death Cab style drumming, and Garrett’s catchy riffs and edgy vocals, Isenheart’s music has gained a new dimension which has greatly accelerated their success. This group of 16 year olds is constantly learning, growing, and writing newer, better material.

Isenheart is largely influenced by Dashboard Confessional and Death Cab for Cutie, though we listen and love music of every genre.

Some of their accomplishments in the last 6 months include:

-Playing in both the RAWK Final Four and Spokane’s Bobfest; the 2 biggest local band competitions in the Spokane, WA area
-Acquiring a clothing sponsorship from Cuda Buffalo Apparel
-Having our music played on 92.3 FM and 89.9 Fm in Easten Washington, 88.3 FM in Idaho, and iRadio LA, the world's #1 and most listened to internet radio station
-Playing 4 live radio shows (more already scheduled in the future)
-Featured in the Lab International Underground Music Magazine as well as the Spokane Sidekick and other local publishings
-Worked with Joe Varela of Black Lab Studios (Rise Records, Innovative Records, Voicebox Records, Track 7 Records, and 4 out of 7 top regional bands) and released a 6 track EP March 2007
-Featured on 2 compilation Cd’s so far
-Currently planning a NW tour for summer ‘07

-Radio Stations-

"Thin Air Radio," Spokane, WA
As We Go, My Sign, Hide & Seek

"The Shoebox," Couer D'Alene, ID
As We Go, My Sign, Hide & Seek

"iRadio LA," World's Largest Internet Radio Station
As We Go

-TV Appearences-

KXLY's Goodmorning Northwest 06/09/2007